VTOPIA Design revamps your VRYUS motorcycle with its AG-SYS carbon fiber kit

Besides LED lighting and electric motors, there are other ways to imbue mobility platforms with a futuristic motif. Another popular approach is to go geometric and use modern composites for the body. These are the ingredients used by VTOPIA Design to revamp the already striking two-wheelers from VYRUS. They call the kit AG-SYS.

As detailed on their page, the aftermarket upgrade system is available for the 984 2V, 985 4V and 987 4V models. The donor bike receives a series of modifications that further enhance its avant-garde appeal. The store, however, keeps intact the Ducati powertrain that VYRUS equips on all its machines.

The AG-SYS offers a collection of full carbon fiber bodies for your ride. These sport an aggressive geometric styling that makes the bike look even more exotic. Composite parts that go into the build include the handlebars, license plate bracket, front fairing, engine skid plate, airbox, front fender, air scoop, and monocoque.

From what we can see, these AG-SYS composite elements are available in woven or forged models. Meanwhile, the subframe uses a 3D laser-printed nylon-carbon fiber. Other items that come with the package are CNC machined, such as the adjustable steering plate, front frame and rear frame.

The bike also gets an aluminum fuel tank and a handmade VTOPIA Design full titanium exhaust from Spark. To further enhance the exhilarating speed and performance you can expect from the AG-SYS kit, it now incorporates a custom racing dashboard. Once the VYRUS motorcycle dons the full package, it becomes a sleek and intimidating sight.

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AG-SYS Dashboard AG-SYS weaving

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