Touring musician’s gear trailer stolen in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A trailer carrying thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment belonging to a Grammy-winning Louisiana musician has been stolen from the parking lot of Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall.

Louisiana musician Terrance Simien was performing in Las Vegas the last week of February when all of his gear was stolen one night.

It happened while the musician and his comrades were sleeping. Security footage from the casino shows a U-Haul truck towing its trailer in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, the license plate of the U-Haul and the identities of those involved could not be determined.

From guitars to keyboards, accordions to CDs and merchandise, $35,000 worth of equipment was stolen, a first for Simien and his bandmates.

Terrance Simien told 8 News Now:

“I’ve been a touring musician since 1985. Almost 40 years we’ve been on the road and taking our music all over the world and nothing like this has ever happened to us. We love Vegas and the people of Vegas, and we don’t blame them for it, but it was a shock to wake up one morning and everything we had to earn our living was gone.

The group is known as Terrance Simien and Zydeco Experience. They had to cancel the rest of their tour due to lack of equipment to play.

Terrance’s wife, Cynthia, said that after all that ordeal, touring for them changed indefinitely.

“Once you’re a victim, you approach things differently, so we’re planning on getting a GPS tracker for our trailer and a fancy lock,” she said.

As of now, Terrance has filed a police report and the hope is that their trailer will be found with the equipment.

To donate to the band’s GoFundMe, you can click on this link.

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