Top 5 Best Celebrity Brand Ads Ranked: April 14, 2022

#4: Xbox, Fila, Roblox x Sonic the Hedgehog

Prior to the release of the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie just before the COVID lockdowns, this reporter could hardly conjure up a reason the video game character was resurrected from the vaults for the big screen. Then it grossed an incredible $300 million worldwide. Now, as the sequel takes home the title of greatest American opening for a video game adaptation of all time – eaten words, fool me twice, egg on the face, etc. The jewel in the crown? The blue space creature has managed to make its way onto a list of celebrity brand collaborations.

The newly anointed cultural figure has been hard at work promoting “Sonic 2” – not quite at “Space Jam” level, but teaming up nonetheless for unique and popular campaigns. Speaking of Michael Jordan, Sonic launched his own sneaker with Fila, which sold out in five minutes. For Xbox, the furry hero has donated his own skin for a set of custom furry controllers. And like all celebrities in 2022, the hedgehog has appeared in the metaverse with activations in Roblox and Minecraft. Plus, he managed to land his own celebrity meal at McDonald’s (though Happy Meals might not compare to menu selections from BTS, Saweetie, and Mariah Carey).

Read: Xbox made controllers out of Sonic’s skin

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