This home speaker design turns a touch into a device remote

Punk is a speaker design that incorporates a removable key that functions as the device’s remote control.

Home speaker systems are designed to deliver great sound and blend in with the rest of our home furnishings. While two things may be true, all too often designers favor one over the other, leading to really dodgy speaker designs that don’t deliver audio or underwhelming designs that do. .

Designer: Designer Dot

Since it comes down to personal taste, designers are left to their own devices to produce quality niche speakers that even audiophiles will appreciate. Designer Dot, a studio known for its extensive catalog of home appliances, has completed work on a speaker design called Punk that draws inspiration from touches audiophiles and skaters alike can appreciate.

Designer Dot conceptualized Punk to incorporate the addictive nature of the keys into the speaker’s construction itself. Punk retains a concave surface that creates a gradual ramp for the volume control key to slide back and forth.

Equipped with intuitive control buttons, the key allows users to connect an external device via Bluetooth, skip or return to songs and, of course, the play and pause button. Removable by design, the key is not the only way to control the speaker.

Protecting the main body and internal machinery of the enclosure, a weighted base draped in enclosure fabric is positioned just below the top surface of the device. Built-in control buttons allow users to use Punk the way they want.

Separated by a slight opening, the concave top surface provides the area for the detachable key to control the speaker. When users aren’t listening to music, they can play with the detachable fingerboard as if it were a fidget toy, helping the workday go by a little faster.

Designer Dot conceptualized Punk in green and red tones.

Even the fuller speaker body resembles the construction of a skateboard.

Embossed tracks line the internal magnetic strips that hold the key in place.

The remote comes with all the necessary power buttons for intuitive operation.

The packaging maintains a subtle, yet maximalist aesthetic.

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