The Origami Fender uses a clever fold and roll design to fit any bike frame.

The Musguard Omni starts out as a roll of plastic, but unroll and fold it along its crease lines, and it transforms from a flimsy sheet of plastic into a stiff yet flexible mudguard that attaches easily to the frame of your bike. If there was a practical use for Origami, this would be it. Maybe the James Webb telescope too, but certainly this one too!

Creator: Jurij Lozic

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Install in seconds.

Easily packed.

Available in front and rear formats, the clever leaf-based design of the Musguard Omni achieves a few remarkable things. For starters, it’s made from sheet plastic, which requires MUCH simpler manufacturing practices than an injection molded part. Plastic sheeting is much cheaper and lighter, making the Musguard Omni easy to ship and transport. The sheet, however, changes drastically the minute you fold it along these crease lines. Just as corrugated paper is stronger than plain paper, or a rolled up newspaper is stiffer than a flat newspaper, the Musguard Omni takes its shape when folded and tied in place.

The fender is equipped with two adjustable hooks and straps that wrap around most bike frames, allowing you to use the Musguard Omni on virtually any bike. The hook-and-loop straps are also covered with a silicone coating, preventing the fender from sliding out of position or rotating on the tubular structure of the bicycle frame.

Each Musguard Omni is made from a sheet of recycled polypropylene – a sturdy polymer that can be creased and folded thousands of times without tearing or wearing out (if damaged, it can also be easily recycled). The Musguard Omni comes in a dual set – one for each wheel, and is available in standard and widebody designs that cover a variety of riding styles (such as road, gravel, touring, racing, commuter, cyclocross, cargo, even mountain biking), giving you the freedom to ride on any type of terrain, from wet tarmac to a muddy dirt road. At the end of your ride, the Musguard Omni can easily be rinsed with water and wiped dry, before being rolled up and stored away…or kept right on your bike if you’re an avid cyclist!

Click here to buy now: $56 $66 (15% discount). Over $100,000 raised.

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