The Onewheel GT is now the brand’s flagship motorized single-wheel board

Is your sense of balance good? If you already know how to ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, then this is already one step ahead of a lot of people. If you fancy a challenge and the thrill that comes with it, the Onewheel GT sounds like a lot of fun. In addition, this versatile machine works on the streets or trails.

Standing still on a two-wheeler requires incredible skill. As such, the Onewheel GT is equipped with sensors to compensate for changes in the user’s weight. This self-balancing system should make learning easier, even for those who have never driven anything other than a vehicle.

The Onewheel GT measures 9.5 “x 11.5” x 29 “which is slightly shorter than your average skateboard. True to its name, it features a single large wheel with your choice of tire. Depending on what you wear , it will work better on certain surfaces and change the overall dynamics.

Don’t worry about slipping as the concave pads also feature the best grip tape for maximum performance. The card contains a high capacity NMC battery – enough for 20 to 32 miles – on a single charge. Meanwhile, the 750W Hypercore hub motor can get you up to 20mph.

Remember to prepare for safety before every ride. LED lights on the front and back should keep you visible even at night. To check the status and change some settings, just pair your Onewheel GT with a compatible smartphone. Thanks to the Maghandle Pro, lugging around that 35lb ride should be easy.

Ride yours now

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Images courtesy of Onewheel

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