Stranger Things’ Vecna ​​Design Wins an Emmy at Netflix

by Netflix stranger things Season 4 won several impressive awards at the 74th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

The beloved series took home the award for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, largely due to the practical effects used to transform actor Jamie Campbell Bower into the villainous Vecna. stranger things beat the other nominees Angelyne, Gaslit, Impeachment: American Crime Story and Picard Star Trek. Netflix’s ’80s-inspired horror show also won Outstanding Music Supervision, Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series (one hour), Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (one hour) and Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama, Limited or Anthology Series or Motion Picture.

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“Screaming so loud you can hear it upside down,” wrote Stranger Things’ official Twitter account. “Congratulations to our cast and crew on their 5 #Emmy wins!!” The Television Academy also praised the show, tweeting that Vecna ​​was “coming for that #Emmy!”

Creating Vecna ​​was a time-consuming process, taking about six hours to complete. Barrie Gower, who was one of the heads of the special makeup effects department on stranger things Season 4 revealed the inspiration behind the villain’s design, noting that he got his job because of his work on game of thrones. “With season four, [the Duffer Brothers] were after a big new iconic villain,” Gower said. “They decided they wanted their own version of the Night King, an iconic figure, and they thought ‘Well, why don’t you just reach out to the guys who have made the night King?'”

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While Vecna’s physical appearance was achieved through hands-on special effects, one iconic element of the character relied entirely on Bower’s larynx. Many fans thought the villain’s deep, deep voice was created through digital modulation, but the actor confirmed he did it all himself. “I went home and worked on it and did a bunch of reference work on like hellraiser and [actor] Doug Bradley, in particular,” Bower explained. “And it was saying that, you know, that deep, booming voice kind of comes out of the dark. And I was like ‘Yeah. You can say.’ I loved it, it was amazing.”

As to how Vecna ​​will return for Stranger Things’ fifth and final season, Bower noted that he will be back and more vicious than ever. “I don’t think he let himself lick his wounds in misery,” Bower said. “He’s rebuilding and he’s out of blood. It’s like you’re really pushing the buttons now, that Jason Voorhees classic [the killer in Friday the 13th] thing – you made a big mistake.”

stranger things Seasons 1-4 are now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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