Skate City introduces brand new location in Venice, Los Angeles

Built by SnowmanSkate City’s darling indie hit Skate City has announced its latest update, which will see players hit the streets of Venice, Los Angeles as they pull off tricks and look great while doing it. This new update introduces a whole new location as well as free skating and new challenges to complete, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Los Angeles neighborhood.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Skate City is a side-scrolling 2D simulator that lets you roam the streets of various locations while performing crazy tricks and tackling a variety of challenges that will require you to do certain things in specific locations, as well as a very nice suite of customization options. Think something like the old Tony Hawk games or the aptly named Skate series, but wrapped up in a more digestible arcade experience.

This new location is based on an actual hotspot for skateboarders. Venice, Los Angeles is home to plenty of real-world spots that see a ton of skateboard traffic, and the in-game version is also filled with spots and places to show off your skills. From steep hills to crushing bars to ramps galore, there are plenty of places to test your skills.

Venice is also not a place for someone who isn’t quite used to Skate City yet, as some of the jumps and other tricks you’ll need to pull off can be a little mechanically tricky, so make sure sure you understood some of them. the most beginner-friendly places before hitting this one.

In the meantime, if you want to try Skate City yourself, you can grab it for free as long as you subscribe to Apple Arcade at the link below! Give the Official Twitter have a look while you’re there for more information!

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