Renew Moline seeks community input on design of downtown skatepark and pump track

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – Renew Moline is asking the community to help design the Skatepark and Pump Track.

The skater and biker community is invited to help Renew Moline identify specific features to consider for the Skatepark and Pump Track design, it said in a Friday press release.

The investigation began on Friday and will end on March 4, Renew Moline said.

Renew Moline said the identified location is currently between 4th and 5th Avenues and 20th and 22nd Streets, partially under the new I-74 bridge.

Renew Moline encourages the community to “think big” for specific features they would like to include in the park as it relates to skateboarding and biking.

The Moline City Council has given Renew Moline approval to move forward with planning a skatepark and pump track in downtown Moline in partnership with Moline Parks and Recreation, said Renew Moline.

After collecting community feedback in the online survey, Renew Moline said the city will use these ideas and suggestions to help shape the design, size and budget and ultimately help the city secure a contract with a skatepark and pump track company to bring these ideas to life. .

Once the investigation is complete, Renew Moline said it will collate the responses and share them with the Moline Parks and Recreation Department as well as the Moline City Council with an expected deadline in early spring.

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