Naomi Watanabe wears Adidas stripes in her hair to celebrate becoming a brand ambassador

Some simply receive a title, but others – like Naomi Watanabe –wear it proudly.

Naomi Watanabe, who recently made waves around the world for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collection, has taken another giant leap into the fashion world. She has been officially named as one of the Adidas brand ambassadors and one of the faces of the brand’s “I’m Possible” campaign.

▼ The campaign features other big names like HoYeon Jung (squid game) and British model Ellie Goldstein.

The campaign aims to empower women to accept themselves for who they are and, more importantly, to believe in what they are capable of. Each ambassador has a comment on the I’m Possible campaign page, and here’s what Naomi had to say:

“I resonated a lot with Adidas’ brand stance of ‘Nothing is impossible.’ I’ve been told many times so far, “Don’t you think it’s impossible?”, but I challenged myself to the point that I moved all the way to New York to pursue my dreams. I want you to look forward to the projects I’m involved in with Adidas.

Naomi proudly wore her brand ambassador title, just like Naomi Watanabe. Her photos for the promotion feature her in an all-black and white adidas outfit, and her hair is streaked with three matching silver locks.

▼ Tracksuits have never been so cool.

Japanese fans have been congratulating Naomi’s new role with vigor on social media. There were even a few comments about her eye-catching hair.

“I want to try this hairstyle!”
“That’s so cool! Congratulations!”
“It’s the definition of a head-to-toe outfit.”
“I’m so jealous that you’re modeling for Adidas! »

In honor of the campaign, Adidas released over 40 new items to its collection on February 14 in styles and sizes inclusive of women and non-binary people. The main part of the collection is a variety of sports bras made in a huge range of sizes for different activities like running, yoga, etc. We can’t wait to see what Naomi and adidas come up with next.

Source: PR Times, Instagram/@adidastokyo, Adidas
Images: PR Times
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