Matador Travel Equipment Opens New Headquarters in Boulder, CO

Matador Travel Equipment, the manufacturer of performance travel equipment, has opened its new headquarters in Boulder, CO.

Located approximately one mile from the brand’s former headquarters, the new site expands its physical footprint by approximately four times the square footage of its former space.

“We are excited to move into the new facility and all the opportunities it will present,” said Chris Clearman, Founder and CEO. “We will have more space for product development, content creation, community events and growth.”

The 8,000 square foot headquarters includes in-house photo studios, a product showroom, extended operations and product development areas. The company has also installed a rock climbing wall, skateboard ramp, ping pong table, barbecue deck, bar and lounge for employee use.

Matador has called Boulder, CO its headquarters since 2015.

“While we are sad to leave the old blue building we worked in on Spruce Street, we are excited to stay in Boulder and contribute to our local community and economy,” Clearman continued. “We are surrounded by like-minded people and brands and, most importantly, mountains and trails that can push our product design and testing to the limit.”

The new office address is 1835 38th Street, Unit A, Boulder, CO.

Photo courtesy of Matador Travel Equipment

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