Loaded Boards announces the launch of the electric skateboard brand Unlimited x Loaded in partnership with Unlimited Engineering

One of the unique features of this system is the ability to apply it to any skateboard. So if you have a favorite map you want to use that’s an option, or go all out and treat yourself to one of the finely curated setups using the Loaded, Paris, and Orangatang components.

“Our goal as a brand has always been to develop the action sports market as a whole (rather than seeing it as a struggle for market share). Which drew us to the Unlimited product, aside from overall performance and stellar team, are a number of innovative features that we believe will help develop and expand the e-board in new directions. This includes the ability to electrify any skateboard in order to to maintain the skate feel and promote many brands and styles. fine-tuning your ride to suit your personal preferences (acceleration, deceleration and top speed) is mind blowing! “ Says the founder and CEO of Loaded, Don tashman.

Unlimited and Loaded Boards joined forces in 2018. Unlimited and Loaded now operate as a unified entity, with Unlimited leading electrical and software development and Loaded leading mechanical development, marketing, sales and global distribution.

Through this partnership, Loaded and Unlimited intend to help build and strengthen the global e-skate community and influence urban planning for the future of micro-mobility. “We believe that the passion and capabilities of Team Unlimited will allow us to explore new and unexplored and important directions in electronic skating and alternative transportation in general,” said Tashman.

Distribution of ttechnology behind Unlimited x Loaded:

  • Motor – A custom designed ultra powerful motor with torque loads and premium Orangatang urethane liner. Fits almost any truck without any modification thanks to our patented mounting system.
  • Battery – The replaceable lithium-ion battery is as powerful as it is tough. It’s travel-friendly too, which means you can bring it with you on your next flight! The button lights up in different colors to indicate battery charge status and other important messages.
  • Core (motor controller) – The core contains the brain of operations. It is the link between the battery, motor, and remote to provide you with up-to-date information about your powertrain. Built with state of the art hardware and firmware to deliver a safe, smooth and stealthy ride!
  • Urethane – Features premium Orangatang engine liners and standard Orangatang Caguama wheels for fast rolling speed, high traction, vibration damping and smooth gliding. Orangatang was an early leader in urethane for e-skate and was featured as original equipment on many influential brands (including Boosted Boards and Evolve Skateboards), and the immediately recognizable orange urethane is has become a de facto standard in e-skate and longboard in general since 2008. Orange is the new orange.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Janie LaFont
(310) 923-4378
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About loaded boards
Loaded Boards have been making longboards since 2002 and have been a driving force in the growth of carving, downhill, dance and freeride skateboarding. Loaded launched the Orangatang brand in 2008 to create high performance longboard wheels. The characteristic orange color of Orangatang has become an industry staple; Orangatang has supplied its products to many high quality electronic board brands, including Evolve and Boosted (for which Loaded also built the V1 and V2 decks). Loaded Boards is also the global distributor of the market leader Parisian trucks since 2016. Loaded’s mission is to grow boardsports around the world through performance, community and creative expression. www.loadedboards.com

About Unlimited Engineering
Unlimited was formed in Barcelona in 2016 by a group of good friends and engineers. Carlos Kübler, Juan Pablo Viera, and Alexandre veloz founded the company and Andrés Brillembourg and Nicolas Véloz came on board shortly after. With a solid background in technology, years of building race cars for the varsity circuit and numerous graduate degrees in engineering (including a PhD in Engineering, 3 Masters in Engineering and an MBA from MIT), they have teamed up to build advanced electric vehicles. All five are avid skaters and mountain bikers.


SOURCE Unlimited x Charged

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