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A good pen is one of the most essential pieces of EDC gear you can carry around. While many people believe that all pens are alike, it’s only when you have the right, well-designed writing utensil that you can appreciate the quality, feel, and versatility of an heirloom-quality pen. The writing utensil industry is saturated with many less than stellar pens, so when we come across a top writing instrument like the Kaze pen from D Rocket Design, we notice it immediately.

When you name your pen “the breeze” in Japanese, you better have a writing instrument that writes as smooth as velvet. Fortunately, the Kaze delivers in spades, gliding across the page like a boat on a calm lake. Design-wise, the Kaze is sleek, sophisticated and minimalist all at once. This is a no-frills ballpoint pen that solves the age-old problem of protruding bolts by having its clip act as the opening and closing mechanism. That’s right, the days of your pen lock clinging to your shirt or trouser pocket are over; the Kaze is the ultimate, discreet writing instrument.

Boasting a slim seven-piece construction (excluding the ink cartridge and springs), the Kaze’s chassis is crafted from a single piece of construction material: copper, bronze, antique copper, polished titanium, sandblasted titanium, full titanium or raw titanium. . This handsome pen also features a satisfying telescoping stylus tip, which is sure to give you a healthy dose of ASMR every time you twist the pen.

The Kaze uses standard Parker refill cartridges and is a cinch to refill. Simply twist the front circle of the pen and replace the cartridge. Kaze pricing starts at $79 for copper and bronze pens, with raw titanium being the most expensive at $134. D Rocket Design plans to release the Kaze in May or June 2022, and you can reserve your pen now on the pen’s Kickstarter page.

Starter: $79+

Photo: Rocket Design D
Photo: Rocket Design D
Photo: Rocket Design D
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