How to Get Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Gear

Prism and Spectral gear is among the best gear in Chrono-Cross, and there are a number of requirements players must meet before they can craft it. One of those requirements is to get the Master Hammer, although how to do that can be a bit confusing. This guide is here to guide fans through the earning process Chrono-CrossMaster Hammer, and it should put players on the path to creating their own rainbow gear.

To note, players should make sure they’ve recruited Zappa before trying hard to get the Rainbow Hammer. This can be done by putting Radius in a fan Chrono-Cross party and talk with Zappa in his forge in Termina (Home World). For clarity, this forge is one screen to the right and one screen up from the entrance to Termina.


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Chrono Cross: How to Get Rainbow Hammer

Defeat Sage on the SS Zelbess (Homeworld)

The first step towards obtaining the Master Hammer is to progress through the main story and reach the SS Zelbess (Home World). Aboard this cruise ship, players must work on its storyline, eventually defeating Fargo in Chrono-CrossRoulette mini-game. This victory will give fans access to a previously blocked part of the Zelbess, where they will find the Sage sweeping.

Players must now chase the Sage, who will enter and exit openings in the ship, and interrogate him on the Dead Sea. In this conversation, players should indicate that they will use brute force if necessary to initiate a fight with the NPC. Defeating the Sage will spawn Nikki, and fans must now return to the deck of the boat, climb the tower to the left, take the elevator to Nikki’s boat, and accept her request.

Restore Marbule (Homeworld)

With Nikki’s request granted, players can focus on achieving her by rescuing Marbule (Home World) in Chrono-Cross. To perform this act, fans must bring Fargo to their parties, board the SS Zelbess (Home World), and speak with the other Fargo in their quarters. This will cause the ship to sail to Marbule, and players will need to land on the island and defeat the nine lagoons scattered there. Fans will see a message that a dragon cry was heard in the distance when the last enemy is defeated.

Defeat the Dragon Gods and complete Fort Dragonia (Homeworld)

Players should now progress Chrono-Crossto the point where they seek out and battle the Six Dragon Gods. Defeating these creatures will eventually result in acquiring the Dragon’s Tear, which can be used upon entering Fort Dragonia (Home World) to solve all of its puzzles. There is a boss battle at the end of this dungeon, which fans must overcome.

Buy the Master Hammer on Marbule (Home World) and go to Termina (Another World)

Once all of these steps are complete, players should add Zappa to their parties and head to the cave in the upper left corner of Marbule (Home World). There is now an NPC inside this cave selling the Master Hammer for 10,000G, and fans should purchase and equip it for Zappa. From there, players must travel to Termina (Another World) and speak with Zappa in his forge to unlock the ability to craft Rainbow Gear in Chrono-Cross.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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