Garfield Elementary School needs your help updating playground equipment

Garfield Elementary School needs a new playground and it’s for a good cause in honor of someone loved by those who knew her.

Chris Reid, Garfield’s math teacher and librarian, sadly passed away from ovarian cancer.

This GoFundMeapproved by the director, will raise funds for a new playground in honor of Chris.
From GoFundMe:

Chris passed away on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, after battling ovarian cancer for two years. As with all things in his life, Chris faced the whole process with grace, dignity and a loving spirit.

It was her loving spirit that inspired Chris to dedicate his career to improving children’s lives, first as a math teacher and then as an elementary school librarian. She was also a champion for those in need and loved supporting and contributing to a good cause.

GoFundMe money would fund a free-standing canopy to provide shade for the playground, benches, and even sports equipment for use during recess.

If you can support, click the GoFundMe. This project has already been fully funded, but they continue to fundraise for more materials and equipment.

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