E-Cite Motors (VAPR) completes chassis design and assembly

VaporBrands International, Inc.

E-Cite Motors begins construction of its EV 001 automotive chassis

BOTHELL, WA, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — VaporBrands International, Inc. (OTC PINK: VAPR) dba E-Cite Motors Group, an innovative manufacturer of electric vehicles, announced that it has completed development and assembled its modular chassis which will serve as the basis for its new vehicles.

The chassis can be easily configured for a variety of wheelbases, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

E-Cite took delivery of its first chassis #001 yesterday and will now configure and install the suspension, motors, batteries and other mechanicals at its Bothell, WA factory.

COO Gene Langmesser commented: “Now that we have a fully designed chassis that can be assembled to fit a variety of vehicles, we have moved from the theoretical design and engineering phase to the physical construction of our first prototype. . During the installation of the mechanical components, we will focus on solidifying the final design of the body, interior and other integrated components.

Design, development and initial assembly were performed in-house using a state-of-the-art cross-platform suite for computer-aided manufacturing, engineering, 3D modeling and lifestyle management software. products. The frame of the skateboard is made from laser cut aluminum extrusions, stampings, castings and uses carbon fiber composite panels.

The #001 Chassis was built to handle speeds over 250 miles per hour, provide everyday handling and race car track performance when you want it. It uses fully independent transverse composite leaf spring suspension, coil shock absorbers, four-wheel steering and ride height adjustments.

Unlike competitors Tesla, Nikola, Polestar, Lucid, VW, Ford, Jaguar and others, E-cite is not required to meet the safety certifications or other costly certifications of a traditional car manufacturer, making it easier and faster to offers new vehicles on a much more favorable market. While the initial lead time to be able to deliver a production vehicle to the market usually exceeds 3 years and often more at a very high cost, E-Cite plans to deliver its first production vehicles for the 2023 model year. This is less 12 months between creation and the showroom.

This is possible because E-Cites vehicles are eligible under the “Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015”. In 2015, Congress enacted a bill directing the NHSTA to establish a program allowing low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to produce a limited number of vehicles per year. a regulatory scheme that addresses the unique safety and financial issues associated with limited production, and to direct the EPA to allow manufacturers of low-volume motor vehicles to install engines from vehicles that have received conformity certificates. Although they had a year to establish this new program, it took until January 2021 for the NHSTA to issue a final decision allowing the manufacture of low-volume vehicles. By law, automakers are exempt from all safety standards, but they must meet applicable emissions standards. There are no emission standards for electric vehicles.

E-Cite Motors has developed a modular design that will be engineered to enable the production of vehicles using a skateboard-style chassis that uses electric motors. As the system is fully modular, this allows for configurations ranging from low-power batteries and a single motor to a performance vehicle over 1000hp using all-wheel drive and 4 motors.

Note* E-Cites vehicles are in no way categorized as “Kit Cars” as they are new manufactured vehicles.

About VaporBrands International, dba E-Cite Motors. : www.ecitemotors.com (OTC PINK: VAPR) is a publicly traded company based in Bothell that thrives to manufacture advanced electric vehicles using the latest technology with a flare of some of the iconic cars of the past. VAPR recently acquired 100% ownership of E-Cite Motors, Acclaimed Automotive www.acclaimedauto.com and N2A Motors www.n2amotors.com, a California-based automotive manufacturer and automotive plant specializing in the design , engineering and building prototypes, concepts and limited production vehicles for OEMs, corporations, film and private owners. N2A was led by legendary designer Gene Langmesser who is now the COO of Combined Operations.

VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors

SOURCE: VaporBrands International, Inc.

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