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A total of three Mahindra Born Electric SUV concepts have been unveiled and they will make their global debut on August 15, 2022 as a preview of the brand’s electric future.

Mahindra & Mahindra will officially host the world premiere of the Born Electric Vision-based SUV concepts on August 15, 2022. As the brand teases the exterior and interior of the trio of electrified SUVs in a series of videos on its social media platforms , their technical specifications such as battery size, battery life, list of advanced features and futuristic technologies are yet to be revealed.

It is undeniable that the concepts will give rise to the future Mahindra electric SUVs and they are expected to be a compact SUV, a mid-size SUV and a coupe SUV. Here we have a rendered image based on a teaser of one of the upcoming electric SUV concepts showcasing the design details up front. It features a vertical front with C-shaped LED lighting elements connected by a thick light strip at the top and below which Mahindra’s new Twin Peaks logo is positioned.

The render shows traditional rear view mirrors as opposed to a concept preview camera system. Other highlights are a sloping front windshield, a muscular hood structure, black-finished pillars, dark chrome exterior paint, a unique lower bumper, and more. Mahindra aims to introduce up to nine new vehicles by 2026 and six of them will be battery powered. Among them, two will be Born Electric vehicles.

mahindra born electric suv concept 1

They will be based on a dedicated skateboard with optimal packaging and a flat floor allowing for a spacious cabin and the design details will probably be radical. Other visual highlights we noted in the teaser videos are sharp body panels, star-shaped wheels, a rectangular-shaped steering wheel, a horizontally positioned digital cluster with the Twin Peaks logo installed in the center, a prominent side body cladding, a square black wheel arches and twin-bubble roof spoiler.

Cosimo Amadei, design director at MADE (Mahindra Advanced Design Europe), said in a teaser video that the Born Electric concepts will carry an original design philosophy and that it draws inspiration from the company’s expertise in Formula E. over the years. Mahindra has already confirmed that the XUV300-based electric SUV, which could be dubbed XUV400, will be launched in India in early 2023.

It will sit on SsangYong Tivoli’s X100 platform and be 200mm longer than its ICE sibling offering more boot space. It could be followed by the electric version of the KUV.

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Residents weigh in on final design of Twiggs Park skate park Wed, 18 May 2022 05:41:23 +0000

Seeger Gray / The Northwest Daily

At Twiggs Park’s last public skate park meeting, the residents of Evanston voiced their opinions on the final design of the city’s first permanent skate park.

Residents shared their thoughts on the design of the skate park to be built at Twiggs Park at the final public meeting on Tuesday.

At the meeting, the design team presented the final design for Evanston’s first permanent skatepark. It will have four zones: the entrance zone, the middle street zone, the advanced bowling zone and the beginner bonus zone.

The final design, created by consultants from Teska Associates, Spohn Ranch and Christopher B. Burke Engineering, features benches, picnic tables, and concrete seating walls, some of which are designed to be weatherable.

Skate park designer Vince Onel said the emphasis on seating will make the skate park a community space.

“It will be more than just a skate park,” Onel said. “It will be a space where even if you don’t skate or ride a bike or scooter, you can come here and just hang out, watch and enjoy your activity.”

The skate park design team will now draft the construction documents that the city will issue to companies wishing to build the project. The companies will then engage in a competitive bidding process, where they will petition the city for the contract.

Jodi Mariano, the principal landscape architect at consultancy group Teska Associates, said the team will use feedback from Tuesday’s meeting in the construction brief the city will release for the tender.

However, some residents have expressed concern. Michael Hoff of Evanston Skates asked how the city will ensure that the execution of the construction of the skate park will match the “high quality” design.

Eric Pitt, co-founder of Evanston Skates told The Daily in April the group feared that Evanston would contract a company that lacked expertise in skate park construction. Pitt said fear that the city would build a “shitty park” with fundamental construction issues mobilized the group to attend skate park meetings.

In response, Stefanie Levine, the city’s senior project manager, said there will be a prequalification process before the bidding begins to confirm that the companies all have experience with skate parks.

“We’re not going into the bidding process with unknowns like that,” Levine said. “We are aware that this is very important, and we only have one chance to get it right.”

Evanston resident Patrick Hageman expressed concern about the proximity of rest areas to where people would skate.

“I’m also just imagining boards flying off the end of the ledge, and a kid sitting at that picnic table,” Hageman said. “People lose track of (boards) when they kick or fall, and you can’t always prevent where they go.”

Mariano said the team will look into Hageman’s concern.

Mariano said the final design plan also includes the addition of a plaque honoring the park’s namesake, William Twiggs. Twiggs, who died in 1960, held many positions in Evanston’s government in the early 20th century. He also worked as a barber, printer, and editor of the “African American Budget,” a nationwide periodical.

Mariano said community members also suggested honoring a pioneer in the Evanston skating community on the plaque – Carl McCalla, who died in 2004 and was the only black member of the Tom Thumb d ‘Evanston in the late 1970s.

With construction of the skate park set to begin in the spring of 2023 and be completed in November of the same year, organizers say it should centralize a growing community of skaters in Evanston.

Hageman said he and his son were getting ready for the park.

“I’m super excited about this,” Hageman said. “My big guy practiced riding a big boy bike and his skateboard to prepare for this.”

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Duncraig skate park on Percy Doyle reserve moves into design stage Wed, 11 May 2022 18:00:00 +0000

Development of a skate park on the Percy Doyle Reserve in Duncraig continues after Joondalup Town Council voted to send the project to a design stage.

In addition to the skate park with bowl, the proposal includes BMX facilities, a multipurpose field, natural play elements, playgrounds, barbecue and picnic areas and areas for spectators.

Recreational facilities for young people would be on the site of the former tennis courts on Ron Chamberlain Drive, with CCTV and lighting also to be incorporated.

The estimated cost is between $4.3 and $5.7 million.


According to the city, the scope of work is consistent with other similar contemporary play and skate spaces, including Bina Park in the City of Stirling, Briggs Park in Serpentine County Jarrahdale, Wellington Square in the City of Perth and Mills Park in the town of Gosnells.

While most councilors agreed to consider putting $200,000 in the 2022-23 budget to pay for the concept design, some expressed concerns about how the overall project would be funded.

“Once you go to concept design, you’re essentially locking in an expense that we don’t know the source of,” said Cr Russell Poliwka.

“I’m afraid that once we go down this path, we can’t go back. I support the concept, but I would like to know the potential funding sources.

Community planning and development manager Chris Leigh said the conceptual design would be presented to council with more detailed costs, which would be when council determines where the funding will come from.

He also confirmed that the city would apply for grants to help cover the costs.

Mayor Albert Jacob said the council was only voting to “start the process” and not committing them to the project, but needed a conceptual design to be able to seek funding.

He also said the $200,000 was “largely funded” by operating savings from the Duncraig Recreation Center, so there would be little impact on the budget.

Cr John Raftis also attempted to defer the decision to allow the skate portion to be considered part of Percy Doyle’s overall master plan to ensure it would fit into the reserve’s future plans.

But the motion was defeated 4-8, with Cr Russ Fishwick saying it would ‘kill the project for 10-15 years’.

Cr Fishwick, who first pioneered the concept six years ago, said there was a “vacuum of skateboarding facilities in the district compared to other sports such as soccer, football , netball, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket and tennis”, but the sport appears to be “growing while team sports are in decline”.

He said skate parks have “many benefits” including providing a safe place for youngsters to have fun, they were designed and built to be “fiscally conservative” and require very little maintenance.

Skateboarding was also a “vital part of the urban community” and a facility would be safer than the streets.

“Skateparks are where skaters can recreate with others and meet people they might not meet on the street,” said Cr Fishwick.

“These are social spaces that will pique the interest of all parts of our community.”

Cr Fishwick also said the Percy Doyle site would have good visibility, was located away from residents and was accessible by public transport.

Preparation of the conceptual design will include community consultation and more detailed costing.

PREVIOUSLY: City of Joondalup Seeks Public Comment on Percy Doyle Reserve Skate Park and BMX Facilities

Percy Doyle Reserve signposted for BMX and skate park

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Do you have a skateboard? Take a survey to help guide the redesign of the Centennial Beach Skating Facility Tue, 10 May 2022 21:28:15 +0000

Above / Do you recognize this skater from 2015? Do you think the skate facility (aka skate park) needs a fence? The Centennial Park Skating Facility Renovation Survey is now available for users of the skating facility to take online through Monday, May 23, 2022. (PN File Photo)

Naperville Park District is seeking feedback from local users of the Centennial Park skating facility to help guide a new design, which will be completed in 2022 with a view to a renovation of the facility in 2023. The design study is available online until Monday, May 23 at

“We encourage everyone who loves the Centennial Park Skate Facility to complete this survey,” said project manager Peggy Motta. “Your experience and opinions will help us redesign this facility to incorporate the elements that best meet the needs of our community.”

The Centennial Park Skate Facility, aka “skate park“, was built in 2004 just west of Centennial Beach. (NDP Photo)

The Centennial Park Skating Facility was built in 2004 just west of Centennial Beach. The original design was based on extensive engagement with skaters, neighbors and other community members. Now that facility updates are required due to heavy use and the resulting wear and tear, the Park District is reaching out to those who love to skate and are aware of features that would enhance the experience of skaters. skaters. The survey asks about the general layout, surface, mix of elements, and what kind of skate features to include.

The Park District conducted a similar investigation before redesigning the Frontier Sports Complex’s skating facility in 2020, with the renovated facility opening in 2021.

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Survey for Utica skate park collects design ideas from skaters Mon, 09 May 2022 09:07:16 +0000

Not everyone arrived at the same time for the start of the discussion on new and improved skate parks for the city at the Parkway Recreation Center in Utica on April 29.

People kept coming, in twos or threes, of varying ages and backgrounds. Couples, friends, parents with children. Some brought their skateboards with them. Eventually there were over 30 people and a general shortage of seating.

They were greeted with a modest setup – just a projector and portable screen – but the company represented was anything but. Spohn Ranch, a pioneer in skate park construction, was represented by Jason Baldessari, in the development of the company’s skateboard.

While Spohn Ranch builds municipal skateparks across the country, they’ve also built features for the X-Games, Dew Tour, and Red Bull. Founder Aaron Spohn built his first halfpipe in the backyard of the house he rented near Los Angeles International Airport, which has become a stopping point for professional athletes visiting the city.

“The point is, if you can think about it, we can build it,” Baldessari said at the April 29 meeting. “It’s just a question of the budget that it’s going to take, will the insurance be okay with that.”

How Utica Skate Park Will Be Funded

The City of Utica has allocated $1 million in construction costs for a new skate park in TR Proctor Park in East Utica, where the T-ball courts are located behind Sal Longo Field. Another $250,000 will be used to revitalize the existing Jason G. Waterman skateboard facility at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Watson Place in West Utica, originally built by Spohn Ranch in the 90s.