Cariuma Is The New Trendy Footwear Brand You Need To Know – Check Out Their Top 10 Sneakers

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Cariuma is a new eco-friendly sneaker brand founded by two shoe industry veterans who came to believe there was a better, more sustainable way to make shoes. They knew shoppers wanted sneakers that were comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly. Just as important, the sneakers had to look cool, and Cariuma was founded on the principle that you really can have it all.

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And that’s how Cariuma was born. The company was founded in Brazil, where it sources materials such as sugar cane, organic cotton and rubber sustainably and employs workers in ethical factories. Plus, like other popular gifting brands, the company promises to use its customers’ money for good. Cariuma’s website states, “For every pair of sneakers sold, we plant a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest.”

For sneaker shoppers who are tired of fast fashion, quality can be the deciding factor in deciding whether to buy a pair of shoes. Perhaps that’s why Cariuma has gone viral again and again. Not only are Cariuma sneakers stylish, but you can travel multiple continents and keep going. Ever since we discovered Cariuma, the brand’s shoes regularly feature in our guides to the best men’s sneakers. On top of all that, these shoes are also affordable. A pair of these well-designed eco-friendly sneakers can be had for less than $100, and they’ve been so popular that some of their models end up with a waiting list of 5,000 people.

The unisex sneaker brand has a devoted following. Pete Davidson carried Cariumas on SNL and off. Other famous fans include Robert Downey Jr, Helen Mirren and John Hamm. Professional surfers and skaters like Jack Freestone, Gustavo Ribeiro and Leandre Sanders wear them in competition, or in the case of Jack Freestone and other Cariuma-clad surfers, leave them on the beach during events.

We can verify that not everything is hype. SPY editors have tested and worn Cariuma’s most popular styles, and they’re one of the most exciting shoe brands of 2022.

pair of cariuma sneakers in camel suede

pair of cariuma sneakers in camel suede

What makes Cariuma unique

Cariuma is a plant-based unisex sneaker line and a certified B company based in Brazil. Owners Fernando Porto and David Python believed that creating an ethically made sneaker could help change the world. The duo said on the Cariuma website, “We also felt it was our duty to take a stand against the wasteful practices of fast fashion. It was vital for us to reinvent the sneaker game. J

Instead of chasing trends, the founders wanted to create classic sneakers that transcend them. From production to shipping, the company tries to have a positive impact on the environment. The company uses durable materials in its shoes, including a unique EVA cork sole that makes these shoes so comfortable.

What are Cariuma sneakers made of?

Cariuma sneakers are made with organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The rubber comes from the extraction of sap from the hevea brasiliensis tree, so they will stand up for years. They also use bamboo certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, OEKO-TEX and the Organic Crop Improvement Association. They also use recycled materials and leather and suede from Leather Working Group gold-rated suppliers.

And yes, they also make vegan sneakers. The members of the Cariuma skateboard team have just won the SLS 2022 championship tour with the brand’s shoes.

Beautiful, incredibly durable and stylish, Cariuma sneakers are lightweight and easy on your wallet. Most of their styles are also easy to clean – throw them in the washing machine, then let them air dry.

The best Cariuma sneakers for 2022

We’ve rounded up the 10 best Cariuma sneakers, so scroll down to find a pair you can wear now and all winter long. The brand is particularly known for its sleek canvas shoes, and SPY editors have worn (and loved) several Cariuma styles.


Cariuma Oca low-top sneakers

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That’s it: the classic Cariuma sneaker. On the style side, it features a classic canvas upper, a weighted rubber sole and a reinforced toe. This stylish sneaker is available in 16 colors: from classic white to magenta. The canvas upper is made from organic cotton and the cork-based memory foam insole is the brand’s hallmark. With a clean design, it’s dressy enough for work, but you can also wear it while hiking.

Pro Tip: We learned from painful experience that these shoes should be broken in slowly! Extremely comfortable once the EVA sockliner and upper hug your feet, it takes a bit of breaking in.

Coming in all white, they’re some of the best white trainers in the world right now, but there are tons of other colorways to choose from. And while we prefer the classic canvas design, you can now pick up Cariuma Oca Low sneakers in suede and leather.


Off-white/black vintage eraser

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In our roundup of the best sneakers for men, this model makes the list. We love the vintage old skool skater style married to durable construction. Designed with a tipping point and providing stability and ankle traction on a skateboard, these skate shoes are worn by their team. The upper is made with premium organic cotton canvas and suede. They’re lined in cotton canvas, feature a cork and Mamona oil patch, and are handmade vulcanized trainers with a stitched outsole. They are available in 14 color combinations: from neutrals to bright primary hues.


Cariuma Ibi sneakers

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Earlier in the article, we mentioned that Cariuma sneakers are so popular that they have created waiting lists. Check out the sneaker that broke the internet with its waiting list of 5,000 buyers. This unisex sneaker is available in 17 colors, and the knit upper is sourced from bamboo, while the lining, laces, and threads are made from recycled polyester. It has a removable memory foam insole that was created with cork and Mamona oil. And the outsole is made of sugar cane. Because it has built-in arch support, you can rack up miles walking on it and your feet will feel comfortable.


Cariuma Oca Therma sneakers

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Cariuma’s new style loves the cold weather. The padded high-top sneaker has a water-repellent vegan suede exterior and is lined with vegan sheepskin created with GRS-certified recycled materials. It has a natural rubber sole that has been stitched to the upper for durability. Like the other Cariuma sneakers. it has a memory foam insole made with cork and Mamona oil. Currently, the Oca Therma is available in camel or black.


Cariuma Caturi sneakers

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Recently released, this is Cariuma’s first sneaker boot. Looking like a cross between a high-top sneaker and a hiking shoe, this vegan suede sneaker is water-repellent and ready for adventure. Lined with thick, warm vegan shearling, it laces up with D-rings and speed hooks. And like their new Oca Therma, it has a vegan memory foam insole and is winter proof.


Cariuma Slip-On Skate Pro Trainers

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This high-performance skateboard sneaker has it all, it has style and comfort. This slip-on sneaker has a padded upper and heel collar and a tear-resistant toe box. The grippy outsole keeps you on your skateboard and absorbs shock when walking. It also exists in solid colors.


Cariuma Ibi slip-on sneakers

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Made with the same bamboo knit as the shoelace, this slip-on also has the same construction, right down to the candy cane outsole. Made in bright primary colors and classic shades, wear these casual sneakers on your next trip out of town.


Cariuma Catiba Pro High Top

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Built for great boardfeel, this high-top sneaker features a grippy outsole, ankle stability and lateral traction. Like all Cariuma sneakers, it features an organic cork memory foam insole and uses organic cotton canvas for the upper. The reinforced trigger point is triple stitched. The Catiba Pro High is available in four colors.


Cariuma sneakers The Valley

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It is named after professional skateboarder and Cariuma team member Mike Vallely. The other team members also wear this sleek and sturdy skateboard shoe when competing. It’s also 100% vegan, from its vegan suede upper to the recycled strap and insole. It has a reinforced trigger point, a grippy outsole and is inspired by basketball sneakers from the 80s. The sneaker is available in 10 color combinations.


Cariuma Salvas sneakers

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This classic design sneaker looks like a stylish and much more expensive tennis shoe. The leather upper comes from LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries and has a recycled mesh lining. The sole is non-slip and made of natural rubber. The laces are a mix of organic cotton and recycled plastics. It is available in white with a choice of seven different color accents.

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