Black Woman Owned Skateboard Brand Soars

What does a skateboarder really look like? In an interview with Bloomberg, Latosha Stone shared that most people would visualize a white man with long hair. Stone loves skateboarding and she owns a skate brand called Proper Gnar, which is the first black woman-owned skateboard company. While incorporating her creative vision, Stone sells skateboards, hats, and accessories through her company, and black women are often featured in her art. Stone is even selling the boards in China now, according to Bloomberg.

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“My passion for skateboarding started when I was very young. I had seen all the kids in the neighborhood doing it and I wanted to try it too,” Stone said in the Bloomberg interview.

Stone told Bloomberg that she wants more women and minorities to try skateboarding. Stone’s love for the sport is spreading. However, a helpful promotional boost helped Proper Gnar achieve a high level of recognition.

In 2020, reported that Proper Gnar was founded in 2013 and experienced ‘a precipitous increase in popularity and product orders’, after Beyoncé Knowles featured the company in her online Black Directory. Parade of Black-owned businesses. also mentioned that Stone’s skateboards were featured on HBO’s skater girl TV show called Betty.

Stone’s bold decision to do something non-conformist highlights that entrepreneurship can be discovered in non-traditional sectors. Lack of representation does not necessarily indicate that an idea lacks potential.


The Proper Gnar website lists Stone as an artist who creates hand-drawn designs and bold pieces. Additionally, Stone is giving other artists a chance to shine through the collaboration. A Yahoo! Finance LIVE interview revealed that Stone hails from a small town in Ohio. Nonetheless, she said she believes little black girls should be able to pursue all of their interests, including skateboarding.

“Don’t let people put you off, go for it,” Stone said, when Yahoo! finance live chat.

It looks like Stone is taking his own advice.

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