Best Lost Judgment Gear

Judgement was fun, but his mortal wounds weren’t. If Yagami was hit by bullets or other heavy attacks, his life bar would be permanently shortened until the player uses a med kit or goes to the doctor for a checkup. Fortunately, RGG Studio got rid of it in favor of Yakuza: like a dragonRPG elements for judgment lost.

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Enemies can now inflict status effects such as agony, stun, bleed, etc. However, Yagami can equip Gear to reduce these effects while boosting his own stats. Some are better than others, so which items are the best of the bunch in judgment lost? Here are some suggestions.


7/7 EX-4

Gear of Lost Judgment - EX-4

The equipment is divided between inner tops, inner bottoms and two accessories. Each has its own stats and they stack when combined. So even if an item is relatively average, they are worth combining for the overall stat boost. Still, if players can get a decent item like the EX-4 early, they’ll be ahead of the competition.

It’s an Inner Top that increases Defense by 4%, increases EX Charge by 20%, and extends EX-Boost duration by 20%. In other words, players who like to use EX-Actions or power-up will want to research this item as soon as possible. All they need to get it is wait Squirrel search is available (Chapter 5 and following), then look in The New Hama in Ijinchō.

6/7 SS combat support

Lost Judgment Gear - Battle Support SS

If needed, players can opt for the Battle Support SS Inner Top instead. While it doesn’t offer any EX-Charge and Boost benefits, it will come in handy if they’re having trouble with enemies inflicting agony. It reduces its duration by 50% and increases Attack and Defense by 7% for good measure.

It’s also free, provided the player has Squirrel Search and looks around. near Kyushu No.1 Star to Kamurochō for the squirrel photo. If they don’t, they’ll have to settle for the usual Battle Support. It only offers a 3% attack and defense buff and 10% agony reduction. But he’s available from Coming Boon for ¥15,000 from the start of the game, so he’ll keep Yagami in good shape until the Squirrel Hunt starts.

5/7 SS Fighter Innerwear & SS Fighter Boxers

Lost Judgment Gear - Fighter Innerwear SS

These items share a spot because they offer the same benefits, come from the same store at the same time, and cost the same amount each. They increase attack and defense by 12%, which is a tidy number for players who prefer using standard Yagami combos over EX-Actions. They may be flashier and fancier, but players can easily juggle enemies if they master Yagami’s moveset.

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Then they will go down even faster if players equip these two items for this attack buff while also making Yagami more robust. They just need to reach Chapter 10 of the main game, head to Coming Boon, and then cough up ¥30,000 for each item. Although this is quite late in the game, players will need this overall 24% increase to deal with these final encounters and boss fights.

4/7 Multi Booster 2

Gear of Lost Judgment - Multi-Booster 2

Props aren’t as imperative as tops and bottoms, but they can add a little boost to their skills or pep up Yagami’s gait. For example, the Multi-Booster 2 adds a 3% attack and defense buff and improves EX Charge Rate and EX-Boost Duration by 10%, which is pretty nice on its own.

But when combined with the aforementioned EX-4, it will make Yagami an EX-Powerhouse for anyone who goes all out on offense. It also comes at the perfect time: available from Chapter 6 on Coming Boon for ¥39,800. Players will then either have already picked up the EX-4 via Squirrel Search, or be ready to track it down to add to Multi-Booster 2’s effects.

3/7 Resistance Shirt and Resistance Pants

Lost Judgment Gear - Resistance Shirt

It’s good to go on the attack. However, there is always a chance that an enemy could flank Yagami with a cheap shot that stuns him, knocks him back in place, or drains his life bar. At best, it’s annoying. But at worst, it can leave Yagami at death’s door. Especially in later chapters when enemies get more aggressive and pull out more weapons. Fortunately, some Gear can help you.

The Resistance Shirt and Resistance Pants make Yagami more resistant to status effects (hence the name). They negate the duration of stun, agony, and bleed by 30%. Combine the two together and Yagami will recover much faster. However, they come at a cost. The Resistance Shirt is available at Coming Boon, and the Pants are at La Chatte Blanche. Both cost ¥289,000 and won’t be available until Chapter 10.

Lost Judgment Gear - Hemostasis Booster 2

Still, these outfits take up the top and bottom slots, which may be better suited for offensive boosts. Are there accessories that provide the same benefits while leaving the clothing slots free? Well, yes, provided players don’t mind dealing with the agony themselves (the Ranpo skill and enough dog food can save the day once per battle). Hemostasis Booster 2 will reduce Bleeding by 70%, and Anti-Stun Contacts will increase Defense by 3% and reduce Stun by 30%.

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The former can be picked up at Kinka Pharmacy for ¥25,000, or swapping skateboards for 40,000 skate points. The latter is from Welcome Pharmacy for ¥18,900. Anti-stun 2 contacts are better, reducing stun by 70%, but the player must beat The Gauntlet’s 100-man Conqueror mission to get it. Regular stun contacts should do the trick until the player has mastered the game enough to take on this mission.

1/7 Multi-Top 3 And Multi-Leggings 3

Lost Judgment Gear - Multi-Leggings 3

So if these props can handle status effects, what’s the best top and bottom set for everything else? In terms of stats, it’s hard to argue against Multi-Top 3 and Multi-Leggings 3. They both increase attack and defense by 10% and add 15% to EX charge rate and EX boost duration. Combine the two together and players have a set that effectively covers all their bases. That’s probably why they costs ¥200,000 each to Coming Boon and are only available in the finale.

Leggings can also be unlocked by complete parallel case #51, but this is a DLC case. If players stick with the base game, they can pick up Multi-Top 2 and Leggings 2 from Coming Boon and Ebisu Pawn Kamurochō respectively for ¥100,000 in Chapter 7. They are weaker with attack boost and Defense by 5% and a 10% EX-Boost Duration and Charge Rate advantage. Still, they’ll do the trick until the Finale or Adventure Premium arrives.

judgment lost is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Amazon Luna.

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