All Need for Speed ​​Unbound Brand Collabs Revealed So Far

With Unlimited need for speed, the series appears to be returning to its street racing roots. With graffiti-style graphics, music influenced by hip-hop and electronica, and plenty of fast cars, it’s got everything it needs to please the crowd. Criterion Games seems to be going the extra mile with Unlimited need for speedbecause it also offers many collaborations with street fashion and luxury brands.

The collaborations underscore that the upcoming game isn’t just about speeding up urban environments. It’s also about the style and aesthetics of street racing culture. Players will be able to fully immerse themselves in it with over 17 brand collaborations that will not only allow them to wear the trendiest clothes, but also have the coolest car on the streets.


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Need for Speed ​​Unbound Brand Collaborations


Of course, cars are at the center of the concerns of Unlimited need for speed. But there’s a whole lifestyle and culture around vehicles, and the game takes care to document that as well. To achieve this, the developers have teamed up with more than 17 brands that will appear through clothing, accessory and car customization options. The brands on offer will include luxury labels such as French fashion house Balmain. Players will be able to don designer Balmain jeans and jackets. One of the game’s characters, Eléonore, will also be seen wearing a dress from the designer’s Fall 2022 line.

Likewise, luxury fashion brand Versace will have its own in-game character named Medusa. There will be various Versace apparel available, including jackets and shoes. The upcoming game will also borrow from street and skateboarding culture. The skateboard brand Palace Skateboards will have a significant presence, which is also marked by the Palace edition of Unlimited need for speed which contains many additional goodies. Streetwear from Namilia, Puma, Danielle Guizio, Alpha Industries, Born x Raised, Brain Dead, Champion, Edwin, Fila, GCDS, KhrisJoy, MKI Miyuki-Zoku, Napapijri and Vans will also be available. The main collaboration announced is Unboundwith rapper A$AP Rocky and his creative collective AWGE. Not only will the rapper be making an appearance in the game, but he’s also recorded original music for the upcoming title.

Style in Need for Speed ​​Unbound

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Brand collaborations will allow players to dress their character in the trendiest clothes. However, Criterion Games hasn’t forgotten about cars, and players will be able to make their vehicles look as pristine as they look. Some rivals will also be able to display their style through these brands. For example, Eléonore drives a Balmain-themed Lotus Emira, while Racer Chase has a custom Puma-wrapped Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Style is a big part of Unlimited need for speed, and players will also have to express it during their races. In Takeover races, featuring A$AP Rocky, crossing the finish line first isn’t everything. Players must also drive in style – drifting around turns, gaining airtime, using NOS, breaking barriers – to rack up points. For gamers who dream of being the coolest racer on the street, this is a title you can’t miss.

Need of speed is a franchise with a long history, and as such it has had many ups and downs. Thanks to its stellar playlist and interesting brand collaborations, Unbound perhaps just one of the series’ memorable entries. Still, while the emphasis on style is appreciated, Unbound will have to provide good playability if it wishes to stand out from its predecessors.

Unlimited need for speed is set to release on December 2 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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