A professor from the School of Design will organize a fundraising event for the skatepark

Ruston Skatepark will hold 50/50 for Ruston at the Ruston Farmers Market.

Joey Slaughter, an associate professor at Louisiana Tech University’s School of Design, hosted a fundraising event for Ruston Skatepark. The skatepark’s vision is to create a safe, creative, and art-centric park that enhances our community and empowers youth.

“With community, regional and national support and funds from this fundraiser, we can help provide the community of Ruston with a safe place for children to skate,” Slaughter said.

This fundraising event is an art show featuring over 150 skateboard decks designed by artists, musicians and pro skateboarders from across the country and beyond. Included in these diverse groups are Louisiana Tech faculty and Louisiana Tech School of Design students.

All funds raised will be used to build Ruston Skatepark, the project is in partnership with the Town of Ruston and will provide the community of Ruston with a unique new space to gather and skate.

“More than anyone else, young people need to feel recognized and valued by their communities,” Slaughter said. “In too many places skateboarders are getting the wrong message from local authorities who limit or ban skateboarding and ignore its inherent benefits. Skateparks are the solution.

The event will take place May 13 from 6-10 p.m. at the Ruston Famers Market. Admission to the event is free and will feature live music, painting, food and local art vendors with art and music memorabilia for purchase.

All skateboard decks are available for auction from May 1-13 on the auction site.

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