5,451: Use of skateboards and other rolling equipment, excluding bicycles, on University property

Amended: June 2016

Faculty, staff, students or visitors using skateboards or similar types of equipment as a means of transportation should not use the equipment on streets designated for motor vehicles, in parking lots, in garages or on parking ramps. Such equipment may only be used on a street designated for motor vehicles by crossing the street inside a designated crosswalk.

Pedestrians have the right of way on all University sidewalks and footpaths.

Persons using skateboards or similar types of equipment for transportation on University sidewalks or pedestrian paths should use the equipment with caution and show respect for pedestrian safety. For the purposes of this policy, “prudent manner” is defined as:

• The user will maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from pedestrians.
• The user will ensure that all wheels of the equipment remain on the ground at all times.
• The user will respect all designated dismantling areas.
• The user shall not use the equipment on stairs, decks or railings.
• The user shall not use mobile devices such as smartphones or wear earphones while the equipment is in motion.
• The user will not endanger pedestrians.
• The user will never exceed the university speed limit of 15 mph.

The University of Nevada, Reno prohibits the use of skateboards and similar wheeled equipment for transportation within university buildings.

Recreational use of skateboards or similar equipment on University property is prohibited. This includes using equipment to jump onto, over, or off any object, perform tricks, and descend ramps.

The organizers of any officially scheduled and approved university event using such equipment must file a valid certificate of insurance with the Office of Schedule Services prior to the date of the event.

Individuals will be held responsible for damage to university property as a result of misuse of skateboards or similar equipment on university property.

Individuals will be held responsible for injury to themselves or others as a result of the improper use of such equipment on University property.

Individuals are also subject to relevant municipal codes. In Reno, Reno Municipal Code Section 6.06.030 regulates the use of coasters, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, and similar devices.

Violators of Reno’s municipal code are subject to fines; individuals who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action under university and NSHE policies.

Please see the campus carts, bikes and skateboards access map for approved trails and drop-off areas. General questions about skateboarding on campus can be directed to Parking and Transportation Services.

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