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Five Ways to Combat Ghost Fishing Gear

Fishing gear lost or discarded in the ocean can account for nearly half of all plastic waste that ends up there. But this equipment, which is made for fishing or aquaculture, is no ordinary waste because it continues to do what it was designed to do: trap marine life, with …

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The 13 Best Style Books for Men • Gear Patrol

Getting the latest, greatest, and most fashionable clothes can be tricky, so why not snag the well-dressed guy on your list for something that doesn’t sacrifice style for substance? Men’s style books can be an unconventional choice, but having quick access to some great fashion resources in a format that …

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Residents Share Their Likes and Dislikes of Gainesville Skateboard Park Design

“The plans look good,” Spinks said. “The design of the park concept is aimed at street skaters and green skaters. It has a good flow and I believe it will be loved by skaters in Gainesville and beyond. Resident Michael L. Lynch said he thinks park officials are doing a …

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