Monthly Archives: July 2018

Skateboarding Fashion Brand Now Serves Filipino Vegan Food

Openings Adams Morgan’s Spacycloud (née sPACYcLOUd) was originally a skateboarder fashion brand, but is now turning into a vegan restaurant. Washington City Paper reports on the restaurant, which will stay open late and serve kombucha cocktails and Filipino-inspired herbal dishes. Gifts Plan to be at Dupont on the morning of …

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MakerBot Design Series: the 3D printed skateboard

This story is the fourth part of by MakerBot series of design studies, exploring the relationship between designers and their tools. We started this design series by leaning into iterative design with bikes, and now we’re ready to switch gears (ah!) to tackle an increasingly popular and radical form of …

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Art and design schools should train creators, not theoreticians

An infamous refrain about young people today is that they are pampered, empowered, self-centered and tech-addicted. But as the events of this year have shown us, teens and young adults are fiercely engaged, strong, resilient and determined to make their mark in the world. It’s something I know firsthand as …

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