Vancouver musician does a terrible job using playground equipment

The idea of ​​the moment came to her when she came across noisy pipes and toys while out for a run

While jogging around Vancouver, a local musician got a flash of inspiration that resulted in the creation of a percussive work of art.

Jessica Flaws has played music most of her life as a drummer in punk and indie bands. When the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the pandemic, his interest in sampling, recording and working with synths became deeper. In messages to Vancouver is awesome Flaws describes herself as not being a traditional beatmaker, saying she’s starting to really go into assembly and see what comes out of it.

There is perhaps no better example of this creativity than when Flaws had gone out for a run near Science World earlier this week. Her run brought her past the Creekside Park playground and seeing the instruments for public use Flaws had an idea.

“I thought I could just take one-off recordings of each song and then bring them home and put them together into a kind of drum loop, note by note. ” Flaws noted. “As I was running around tapping on objects, I realized that I could just put a metronome in my listeners and play the songs ‘live’ in time, then just layer them on top of each other when I get home.

Not having prepared a recording of any kind, Flaws ended up holding her phone in her mouth as she used both hands to play instruments. As she tapped and struck various pieces of the playing field, she discovered that unique sounds could be picked up in most parts of the playing field. As the rhythm progressed Flaws added the sounds of a passage SkyTrain in the mix for a real Vancouver feel.

A little after Flaws uploaded a video that showed the rhythm coming together with one instrument at a time.

“I was surprised to find that no one had done this before. It was almost as if Science World had put these things there for this specific purpose ”, Flaws noted.

However, Flaws has a suggestion for Science World that could make the park’s instruments more accessible and played more often.

“They have a few small mallets attached to some of their ‘instruments’ with strings, and I wish they were longer. I had to choose what I was playing based on how far the string could reach,” he said. she declared.

As for possible recalls, Flaws says she thought about making similar videos but would like to keep the spontaneity of the project at the same time.

Fauld ‘ The running route takes her near the Georgia Viaduct skate park, so she says there might be a skate rhythm in the future.

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