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The upgrades gave the guitar the same tonal characteristics as Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, one of Middleton’s idols.

Professional sound equipment and a stolen generator were also caught by a thief during the approximately 20 minutes they were at the scene.

Security footage from the garage showed it took them eight minutes to break the locks on the door via a crowbar and then another 12 to steal the items.

Nanaimo RCMP officers attended the scene but were unable to use any of the footage to positively identify the suspect. An investigation, including solicitation of local pawnbrokers, is continuing.

Middleton said they were about 6 feet tall with a dark leather jacket, light colored hoodie, blue jeans and dark shoes.

While theft hurts financially and professionally, it’s the sentimental value attached to the unique guitar that stings the most.

“It really helped shape my influences and my interest in guitar and rock music in general. I haven’t always been the one I’ve played the most over the years…but it’s the first guitar that every time I look at it reminds me that’s where it all started.

The guitar itself is painted with the Canadian flag and decorated with a host of decals.

He featured in a series of Green Day-inspired concerts through 2019, during which Middleton helped raise more than $12,000 for women’s and children’s shelters as well as men’s drug addiction services.

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