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After graduating, University of Cincinnati alumnus Lindsay Kaminer was able to get started by bringing her own brand of “streetwear” style clothing called Street House.

For University of Cincinnati (UC) alum Lindsay Kaminer, creating her fashion dreams quickly became a reality for her post-graduation. Kaminer graduated in the winter of 2021 with a degree in communications and a minor in fashion studies. After graduating, she was able to start her own streetwear style clothing brand called Street House.

Street wear is a style that has grown in popularity over the past few years, celebrities like Billie Eilish can often be spotted in style on red carpets and in photos. These are casual and comfortable styles, often featuring quirky artwork and logos as part of branding.

Street House for Kaminer aims to achieve the iconic character of the designers who came before her. Kaminer hopes to make Street House a household name in fashion.

“I want people to hear Street House and immediately think of cool ‘streetwear brand’ clothes, I want them to think that’s a cool brand,” Kaminer said. “How I want people to think Street House and think ‘oh, I know that brand. “”

Kaminer’s designs are high in simplicity. Going into the design process, she knew she wanted to create a line of loungewear that could be unisex. Coming up with the name Street House came quickly for Kaminer.

“I kind of came to the conclusion of the name quickly,” Kaminer said. “Which I think is a good thing because I think the hardest part is deciding on the name, the story behind it and what you want to sell, because you can’t change that too much.”

After drafting and finalizing his designs, Street House’s first collection was sent to the printer. The first collection costs from $22 to $75 and includes eight different coins to collect.

Inspiration for Kaminer comes in many forms. She draws inspiration from her own love of skateboarding culture and design, as well as the work of other designers.

“I was really inspired by Virgil Abloh, who just passed away,” Kaminer said. “He is one of my biggest inspirations, I love everything he stands for and does.”

Finding the inspiration and unique look of Street House was the easy part for Kaminer. What was more difficult was the unexpected work required to create your own clothing line.

“There are things you would never think of, like, you have to have some type of file to send to the print shop so they can print it, like you have to do all these things for a business with the government , there are things with Shopify, planning your Instagram, getting things ready to go like on time so you’re ready for your launch,” Kaminer said. “I’m scrambling my launch time because I’m like, oh shit like I didn’t realize I had to do this, this and that.”

Material sourcing and supply chain issues also proved difficult for Kaminer. Nevertheless, she prevailed and the Street House collection fell. Seeing her designs on people and in the world has been more rewarding than she could have ever imagined.

Being such a young entrepreneur can seem like a daunting task, Kaminer credits her amazing support system for helping to motivate and push her to achieve her dreams. She has confidence in her brand, but sometimes has moments of doubt.

“It’s really nerve-wracking because there’s always the thought, what if it fails? What if it doesn’t grow? What am I going to do ? Kaminer said. “It’s always going to be in the back of my mind.”

For now, Kaminer just wants to keep focusing on the positives and remember to keep the process fun. One of her favorite memories in creating Street House so far was the first photo shoot she had with the products. She and a few friends spent the day photographing the clothes in OTR, the creative process of putting her clothes in the real world was a fun design process for Kaminer.

Kaminer’s goals for Street House are to continue working on the second collection, as well as working towards having a proper studio. Currently, she operates from the living room of her apartment. She hopes the name will continue to grow and have meaning for more and more people.

While the stress of being an entrepreneur can feel overwhelming, Kaminer knows it’s all about his long-term dream.

“I want to create things other people love, I want to inspire people,” Kaminer said. “That’s what amuses me.”

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