To complete its alcohol-free offer, the brand is offering a trip to “one of the wettest places on the planet”

Heineken kicks off the new year with a social evening countryside inspired by the work of a Hawaiian artist.

As part of its wider Dry January campaign (more on this in a future newsletter), the beer brand traveled to “one of the wettest places on the planet” to bolster l idea that a month without alcohol doesn’t have to be dry… while promoting its non-alcoholic beer, of course.

  • Heineken has teamed up with artist and Hawaiian native Aaron Kai on some “Hawaii Dry-O” merchandise kits that dropped this month (and are already sold out) – some of which came with a trip in Hawaii for two (you can also enter to win the trip online).
  • Kai also added her artwork to a social spot, which advertises the giveaway organically on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (as well as paid support for it. Tweeter and influencer content on Instagram).

Why Kai? “This guy is the antithesis of dull and dry,” Heineken’s American brand manager Josh Egan told Marketing Brew, explaining that Kai’s art work often includes lots of bright blues and water elements. natural, such as waterfalls and waves. His signature pictorial wave, of course, was incorporated into the campaign.

The icing on the cake : While browsing Kai’s Instagram, the team came across a post that made the potential collaboration particularly authentic. “One of his posts that we saw was him on a skateboard drinking a Heineken, so it sounded like one of those matches that was meant to be,” Eric Husband, Creative Director of the Fast Horse agency (who worked with the Heineken team on the project), told us.—PB

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