Tiffany & Co.’s most expensive design is worth $ 30 million

Tiffany & Co. is poised to make history with its most expensive sale ever.

In Dubai, the jeweler unveiled its latest most valuable creation for sale, the World’s Fair necklace, valued between $ 20 million and $ 30 million.

The necklace is a giant treasure adorned with a total of 578 diamonds, all set in platinum. At the center of the opulent piece is Tiffany’s “Empire Diamond”, a flawless 80k stone, which can be removed and mounted on a ring. A necklace and a ring for the price of one – what a deal!

The World’s Fair necklace owes its name to its inspiration, a piece designed by Tiffany for the 1939 World’s Fair.

The original necklace, the location of which is unclear, was set with a 200-carat aquamarine diamond. Back then, it was priced at $ 28,000 (roughly $ 557,000 in today’s value), a paltry sum compared to Tiffany’s 2021 update.

According to WWD, the World’s Fair necklace is Tiffany’s second most valuable creation, rivaled only by the famous “Tiffany Diamond,” which Beyoncé donned during a campaign for the jeweler in August. However, the Tiffany diamond is considered priceless and is not for sale.

The launch of the World’s Fair necklace at Tiffany’s Blue Book event in Dubai is the latest in a series of lively events for the luxury institution.

Since its acquisition by LVMH, Tiffany & Co. has collaborated with Supreme on a capsule collection of jewelry, recruited Beyoncé and Jay-Z for a featured campaign titled “About Love” and launched an Advent Calendar of four. feet high taking the form of a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, so many clever gestures to seduce a younger audience.

Obviously, the classically elegant brand is getting a new lease of life – although I tend to doubt that any of their younger clientele is spending $ 30 million for the World’s Fair necklace.

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