This new concept of electric vehicle design could offer up to 30% longer range

Compared to liquid fuels, our current battery technology provides significantly less energy, and most of the time this affects the maximum range of an EV. Start-up Page-Roberts has come up with a new design that features battery rearrangement, allowing extended battery life.

Despite what one might think, not all car batteries are located under the hood. They can be hidden in the trunk or under one of the rear seats like some plug-in hybrid models, in order to save space and improve weight distribution.

However, most car manufacturers place batteries underground as a convenient way to pack enough battery power for good range. This comes with not only one drawback, but also several, including more height, weight, structural complexities of the body and even an extended wheelbase.

Freddy Page-Roberts, CEO of Page-Roberts, explains that “The arrangement of skateboarding in electric vehicles results in taller vehicles with increased aerodynamic losses and energy consumption (especially at highway speeds), additional structure required to protect against shocks and a longer wheelbase to account for the battery. “

With this new design, the battery would be located between the first row seats and the second row of rear facing seats. According to the start-up, this particular arrangement would be more compact than standard EV models on the market and could make the car more aerodynamic.

In addition, the vehicle would be lighter, allowing a 30% improvement in range or the use of a considerably smaller battery to achieve comparable range. The concept could also have the potential to reduce production costs by up to 36 percent.

While most automakers are currently focusing their attention on SUVs, Page-Roberts’ design could be adapted for small electric vehicles. The lack of batteries under the ground would make room for more versatile concepts.

While this design may offer a great alternative for increasing efficiency and perhaps helping a bit with range anxiety, current electric car battery technology has a lot of room for improvement. As more and more electric vehicles hit the road, there is also the issue of battery life that needs to be addressed.

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