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Collectible design will take center stage at the Trustees’ Garden when Unique Design X Savannah returns to the Kehoe Ironworks Building, located at 660 E. Broughton St., from Wednesday, April 27 through Sunday, May 1.

Known for showcasing the innovative work of a wide range of international artists, architects and designers who do collectible design, Unique Design X has successfully hosted collectible design exhibitions in Shanghai, Paris, Moscow and Miami. these last years.

In April 2021, Unique Design X Group kicked off its inaugural US event in Savannah, delighting attendees with thought-provoking, thought-provoking work that encouraged viewers to reconsider new ways to inhabit spaces alongside art. functional and contemporary design.

This year, Unique Design X Savannah will offer three complementary experiences at the Trustees’ Garden:

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Photo courtesy of Unique Design X Group.

Hamed Ouattara, mebl | Transform furniture


The collectible design exhibition organized by Unique Design X Group, A NEW SPACE AGE, will be based in the Kehoe Ironworks Building and will feature multidisciplinary works by 19 artists, architects and designers from 14 countries and 8 representative galleries.

Click to enlarge Skate-able object park by Yinka Ilori - PHOTO PROVIDED BY UNIQUE DESIGN X GROUP.

Photo courtesy of Unique Design X Group.

Park of skate-able objects by Yinka Ilori


The Skate-able Object Park designed by British Nigerian artist Yinka Ilori will honor Unique Design X Group’s annual commitment to work with a talented artist or designer to create a modular skate park that will host activities designed to interact with the local community. This initiative is created in partnership with Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Project, a non-profit organization that helps make skateboarding more accessible to young people in underserved communities.

Click to enlarge Renata Petersen, Pequod Co. - PHOTO PROVIDED BY UNIQUE DESIGN X GROUP.

Photo courtesy of Unique Design X Group.

Renata Petersen, Pequod Co.


On Saturday, April 30, the Unique Design X Livestream Forum will be co-produced in collaboration with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Special in-person and online roundtables will focus on African design, Latin American design and collectible design.

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Morgan Morris, Founder and CEO of Unique Design X Group, recently spoke with Connect Savannah about the appeal of collectible design and the power of community.

How do you define collection design? What does this mean to you?

The field of collectible design or “functional art” lies at the intersection of different areas of creative practice. Architects, fashion designers, artists as well as product or industrial designers are all known to create collectible design works. The beauty of the collectible design field is that there are no set standards, and designers can wisely use the intersections within the collectible design practice to innovate new concepts and push boundaries. predetermined paths of creativity towards new horizons.

Who is your main audience?

Our audience has a very large audience that is inclusive rather than exclusive, which the art world can sometimes be. Unique Design X Group is dedicated to promoting intersections between functional art, collectible design and skating with a particular focus on Generations X, Y, Z and Millennials, so our reach caters to the both to the local and international community of art, design, architecture and general culture enthusiasts who understand how the combination of these elements can uplift communities.

Click to enlarge Bertrand Fompeyrine in collaboration with Chic by Accident - PHOTO PROVIDED BY UNIQUE DESIGN X GROUP.

Photo courtesy of Unique Design X Group.

Bertrand Fompeyrine in collaboration with Chic by Accident

You hosted a fantastic event at Trustees’ Garden in 2021. What’s new and different at Unique Design X Savannah this year?

We are thrilled that so many wonderful galleries and creators are coming to Savannah for the first time. We are also delighted to announce two special sections this year: one on contemporary African collectible design, curated by Jomo Tariku and myself, and the other on the fantastic emerging collectible design scene in Latin America and from South.

Does the “X” in “Unique Design X” mean anything in particular?

Unique Design X Group is a nomadic platform built on the notion of communities built around creativity emerging from different cultures, different backgrounds, sectors and creative places, so the “X” is a very important symbol for building collaborations , crossovers and fuel innovation by connecting different groups. It is a very meaningful symbol for us.


Photo courtesy of Unique Design X Group.


What is your connection to Savannah?

I was born in Savannah and raised here. Even though I’ve traveled to faraway places to live and work, every time I come back to Savannah and see the Spanish moss making a welcome tunnel, I realize how lucky I am to have been born in such an amazing and magical place.

Why did you decide to include a skate park element?

To expand our reach within the local community, we have developed a charity arm in partnership with the Tony Hawk Foundation’s Skatepark Project organization and an outdoor iteration of our collectible design platform through The Skate-able Object Park. Each year, Unique Design X Group commissions an artist to design a skateable object park as a take-down sculptural obstacle course designed by artists, designed and produced by professionals, in a limited edition. The purpose of the charity division of our platform is to expose underserved youth groups and charities to the creative collectible design industry. We strongly believe that the fusion of art, skateboarding and design can uplift communities and encourage innovation and creativity through multicultural and diverse exchanges. We also want to forge strong local ties in each of the cities where our international nomadic platform is based.

What exactly does the collaboration with SCAD look like this year?

We are very pleased to have SCAD as the forum’s co-production partner for three roundtable sessions on April 30th. This is the second year in a row that we’ve hosted the forum together, and they’re such an amazing institution and resource here in Savannah. SCAD provides an amazing streaming platform, which allows us to connect and chat with our creatives, both in person and remotely, as Unique Design X’s creators are located in many different countries around the world. We are honored to have seasoned SCAD faculty members bring their insight and expertise to these sessions.

Click to enlarge Skate-able object park by Yinka Ilori - PHOTO PROVIDED BY UNIQUE DESIGN X GROUP.

Photo courtesy of Unique Design X Group.

Park of skate-able objects by Yinka Ilori

How has the pandemic interrupted your projects?

We didn’t let the pandemic interrupt us and continued to push forward and work on our creative concepts. Over the past two years, during the pandemic and between lockdowns, we’ve held five shows in Shanghai, Paris, Moscow, Savannah and Miami. Now we are very excited to launch our second edition at Trustees’ Garden, which was the first show we launched in the United States in April last year. We invite everyone in Savannah to join us and learn more about collectible design.

Unique Design X Savannah will be open daily from April 27 through May 1 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is $20 for the general public and $10 for students and seniors. VIP tickets are also available. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Tony Hawk’s The Skatepark project as well as the Urban Hope and Greenbriar Children’s Center in Savannah. Learn more about

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