The Ford E-100 is a design student’s proposal for a small electric pickup for the city

Pickup trucks are the next frontier for electric vehicles, and Ford has just unveiled the F-150 Lightning. But the trucks we’ve seen so far have all been pretty big, so what should people in dense cities do? Tyler Kwon, a student at the College for Creative Studies in Transportation Design, imagines what a small electric Ford pickup could look like.

The E 100, as it calls it, was the Detroit-area student’s second design project, so it predates the F-150 Lightning and takes advantage of the compact drivetrain packaging of electric vehicles. to reduce the dimensions.

The design incorporates the language of tools into its elements to imbue the E 100 with a sense of utility. DRLs, for example, are described as C-clamps and they support the octagonal grid. In the door, there is a removable panel that reveals a storage space that can be used to store power tools and other items.

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The truck bed, on the other hand, is designed with built-in mounting points to help secure loads. The bed, these sketches suggest, is large enough to haul an off-road motorcycle despite the pickup’s compact proportions. As with the F-150 Lightning, the E 100 also has a trunk for storing items in the front.

Although Kwon imagines the E 100 as being based on a “skateboard” platform with batteries under the ground, he adds a removable section of batteries for unexpected situations. Much like a jerry can, you can take some of these little packs with you to refuel quickly. It’s a good idea that could easily come in handy for off-roaders and road-trippers.

Note: This is a render by Tyler Kwon and is not related to or endorsed by Ford

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