The Flip-Flap children’s chair magically transforms into a stepladder

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thought of different ways to declutter your kids’ stuff, but haven’t done anything yet. You know how crazy and overwhelming it can be. Toys and clothes seem endless as children grow. So if you’re a new parent, take this advice: don’t buy a lot of stuff.

No matter how tempting it is or how cute an item is, avoid shopping too much. You have to be smarter now, especially since there’s a trend towards becoming more nature-friendly and living a more minimalistic life. Parents can contribute to Mother Nature by choosing furniture that grows with their children.

Creator: Theo Luvisotto
Flip Flap Kids Chair Cover

The Flip-Flap children’s chair is a clever invention by Theo Luvisotto, an industrial designer from Brussels. He worked on many mechanisms and prototypes before arriving at the final design. The chair has a backrest that can be folded down and converted into a stepladder.

Flip Flap Children's Chair Ladder Theo Luvisotto

It is a two-in-one item that can help children in different ways. It is a chair for children who have to study or play. It also functions as a step stool when children need to reach higher places. With it, children can be the same size as the adult when they start doing things together. Have your child step on the Flip-Flap so they can help you set the table or wash the dishes.

Flip Flap Kids Chair Step Stool

The Flip-Flap is a wooden chair with an industrial design. The refined aesthetic shows a wooden part serving as a seat and another, the backrest, with a smooth painted finish that can be folded down to function as a stepladder. Young children can transform the room themselves, but as with any object, always with caution.

Flip Flap Children's Chair Ladder Theo Luvisotto

This convertible chair teaches children to focus on work while seated. It also teaches them self-reliance so they can become the “big kids” their parents want them to be. This chair isn’t really for gaming, but it can be fun to use. It’s more convenient than anything else.

Flip Flap Step Stool Chair for Children Red Blue

The Flip-Flap Kids Chair is primarily aimed at children, but it might be worth seeing an adult version. You see, we adults sometimes need to use a ladder to reach cabinets, especially in the kitchen. A larger version will be a useful, space-saving piece of furniture that we would love to see in small and tiny homes.

Flip Flap Children's Chair Ladder Theo Luvisotto

Flip Flap Children's Chair Ladder Theo Luvisotto

Flip Flap Children's Chair Ladder Theo Luvisotto

Flip Flap Children's Chair Ladder Theo Luvisotto

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