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There’s average gym equipment, and then there’s smart home gym equipment that takes your workouts to the next level, often by injecting virtual elements. Imagine a virtual fitness coach, guiding and empowering you, and always there with you, every step of the way. That’s the idea behind a smart home gym, something we see a lot more of these days. If you want a top-notch virtual workout experience that lets you participate from the comfort of your home, check out the list below.


Billed as an interactive home gym, Tonal offers an electromagnetic resistance system with up to 200 pounds of total weight resistance. At the top are two pulleys, which you can use in different ways to get a balanced workout. This saves a lot of space, especially in an apartment, because the whole system attaches to the wall. Tonal tracks all your stats and you can interact with the device via a large touchscreen on the front. It adapts to your habits and progress, helping you reach your fitness goals.

Tonal offers a 90-day in-home trial if you want to try out the system before committing. That’s a total of $2,995 for the system, not including smart accessories, shipping, installation, or subscription.

Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio Starter Package installed in a family room.

Tempo Studio is a complete smart home gym and comes with a 42 inch mirror screen, storage cabinet with weights and an AI interactive trainer. The weights include weight plates of various sizes, as well as a barbell and dumbbells. As you train, the system tracks your progress and provides personalized guidance. Plus, you can access hundreds of virtual classrooms. It comes with absolutely everything you need, except maybe a little motivation – you’ll have to provide it!

In total, Tempo Studio costs $2,495 for the Starter package which includes the smart home gym, a workout mat, two dumbbells, 75-pound weight plates, and four collars. There are of course larger packages.


MIRROR from Lululemon used in the living room.

Mirror from Lululemon is a smart home gym that takes up little space. It’s a large, sleek, interactive mirror screen that “gets to know you” and provides real-time optimizations based on your habits and profile. It tracks a wealth of important information, including heart rate, fitness progress, and more. With Mirror, you can access thousands of virtual and interactive courses, with skill levels ranging from beginner to expert. You can even add Mirror’s new fully integrated weights that pair perfectly with the gym.

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Future virtual personal trainer service used on mobile with bottle nearby.

Taking a different approach to virtual fitness gaming, Future pairs you with a virtual, personal trainer wherever you are. There’s no gym equipment to buy – unless you want it separately – as it’s all done through a mobile app. Coaches get to know you, they learn what you have or the type of workout you want to do, and they guide you through a personal journey. aptitude journey. They offer constant contact, individual coaching and a fully personalized training plan. Before you dive, you can find a trainer and say hello to see if he’s a good fit for you.

Future operates on a membership basis, but you can sign up and find a coach now, and try risk-free for up to 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time.

NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault used by the trainer.
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NordicTrack’s high-tech smart gym, Vault, is equipped with a 6-foot mirror screen. It slides open to reveal a storage cupboard. You can pay a little more to get a fully stocked edition with a host of weights hidden inside, including dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a towel, and a yoga mat. If you choose not to purchase the geared version, you can store your own gear inside. Via the screen and the system, you can participate in virtual iFit classes. When not in use, it looks like a vanity mirror or piece of furniture.

Vault: Complete, with gear, is $1,999 plus free shipping. Vault: Standalone, no gear inside, costs $1,499 plus free shipping.

Each system provides a personalized and interactive workout experience, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you’re at a crossroads, consider each one and choose based on what matches your interests and personal training goals. From a mobile app to a full home gym, with weights and more, there’s bound to be something on this list for you!

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