Testament returns to Guilty Gear Strive

Following the US ArcRevo World Tour Finals, Arc System Works made several big announcements for the future of Guilty Equipment Effort. The biggest news being the return of a fan-favorite character, Testament. Last seen in Guilty Equipment XX In 2002, Testament is one of those characters that veterans of the series thought they would never see again.

One of those reasons was how incredibly powerful they were in previous games. Testament is one of those characters that usually ends up at the top of the tier list when they appear on a roster, similar to Akuma. Also, considering StriveThe slower, more field-focused gameplay, how Testament might fit into that system was another big question.

Testament retains its scythe-based moveset in Guilty Gear Strive, but with some clear changes. Looks like they borrowed more from someone like Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue than their previous incarnations. Testament is able to use Blood Skulls to keep the opponent juggled in the air, or squirt blood onto the ground as a ground projectile. Additionally, the use of a scythe means that many Testament normals have very long range. The character seems to have an incredibly strong neutral, just like his other incarnations. Testament also has access to teleportation and can summon parts of demons through on-screen portals like Bayonetta. Just like with Baiken, Arc System Work does a great job of reimagining older characters, while retaining what makes them unique.

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Also, in a very cool representation, Testament is now canonically non-binary. At least, more than by virtue of being equipment in game lore. Arc System Works uses the they/them pronouns on the official site, and in their initial revelation. The Japanese expression “karera ga” is also used, which implicitly means they/they. On top of that, the English voice actor for Testament is Kayleigh McKee, a transgender woman. Testament’s Japanese voice actor is a woman. Props to Arc System Works to move forward with proper representation, and I hope other studios follow suit.

Finally, it was revealed after the Guilty Equipment Effort Testament reveals a trailer indicating that the game will receive a second DLC season. Four more characters are confirmed as of now. Full cross-play between PlayStation and Steam platforms is also on the way, with Arc delivering on the promise made before the game was released. Oh, and a new White House scene will also be added to the game, which is cool. Arc System Works seems to be doing everything right lately, and that’s a good thing to see. Testament will be available March 28 for Season Pass owners and March 31 for individual sale.

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