Spirit of America Delivers 50 Tons of Non-Lethal Combat Gear to Ukrainian Soldiers and Civilian Volunteers

Marks the third aid cargo plane delivered since the start of the war; 115 tons of supplies equivalent to $15 million in aid

Spirit of America is the only nonprofit organization recognized by Congress and approved by the Department of Defense to support troops in the field

Fill critical gaps no one else can

ARLINGTON, Virginia, May 09, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spirit of America, a leading non-profit organization that provides a range of protective equipment and supplies to Ukrainian soldiers and civilian volunteers, announced today that it has delivered approximately 50 tons (nearly 100 000 pounds) of body armor, helmets, combat boots and first aid kits to Ukrainian soldiers operating in the country’s eastern war zone. The shipment marks the third U.S. citizen-funded aid cargo plane to Ukraine since the war began in February. To date, Spirit of America has delivered over 115 tons, representing $15 million in direct assistance to soldiers in need.

Spirit of America, founded in 2003, is the only nonprofit recognized by Congress and approved by the Department of Defense to work alongside troops in the field. Funded by contributions from U.S. citizens, Spirit of America operates an integrated network of civilian and military partners that enables aid to be in the hands of those who need it quickly, efficiently and effectively. This unique public-private partnership combines what citizens can offer – ingenuity, entrepreneurship and generosity – with what our frontline troops and diplomats can do, enabling greater impact and better results. Spirit of America has raised $21 million since the war began to fund its relief work.

Spirit of America’s third cargo flight was loaded with 125 pallets of aid, weighing nearly 50 tons and worth $5.7 million in aid. The shipment included:

In addition, the shipment contained smaller amounts of other necessary supplies: 500 headlamps, 500 ballistic goggles, 140 knee pads, 140 elbow pads and 140 tactical gloves.

“Courageous and courageous Ukrainian civilian servicemen are fighting for their country’s very existence, often without the equipment and supplies they need. Spirit of America – funded through the incredible generosity of our donors big and small – helps citizen-soldiers in the Territory Defense Forces trade in their skateboard skates and bicycle helmets for body armor and ballistic helmets. Our close relationships with civilian and military leaders in the United States and in Ukraine allow us to get these helmets and vests from the United States onto the heads and chests of those who need them within 48 hours It is an honor to work so closely with our partners and play a part in the defense of freedom and democracy,” said Jim Hake, President and CEO.

Spirit of America has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and is currently fundraising to fill its planned fourth cargo plane with help in mid-May.

About Spirit of America

Spirit of America is a privately funded 501c3 charity founded in response to the 9/11 attacks. We’re the only nonprofit that works alongside troops and diplomats to help them save and improve lives. We are recognized by Congress and officially approved by the Department of Defense to work alongside deployed US troops and provide private assistance to meet local needs. Learn more about spiritofamerica.org.

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