Redesigned Artisan Hotel boutique to include all-inclusive cannabis activities

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Artisan Hotel Boutique has a new owner and a new design as it could be the first marijuana-friendly hotel in the Las Vegas Valley.

Pro Hospitality Group CEO Alex Rizk said the Artisan Hotel Boutique will offer all-inclusive cannabis activities.

“The Artisan is a truly unique and historic asset to Vegas,” Rizk said. “So we’re still going to keep a few things to make sure old fans or old guests are happy, but I think they’ll be happy with the facelift we’re going to give him.”

The inspiration comes from the Clarendon Hotel, which the group owns and operates in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rizk said he partnered with Marquee Commercial to acquire the Artisan.

“The main thing we want to focus on is the love for the locals. everyone from locals to stockists to bartenders and night shifts, when they’re done working they have their own little sanctuary where they can come and have good food, good drinks and a good general vibe that they can pick up,” said Nick DiFerdinando, co-founder of Marquee Commercial.

Rizk said guests can expect gourmet, cannabis-infused 5-course meals served by celebrity chefs, high-potency CBD spa treatments, and they work in partnership with valley dispensaries.

“Basically, we’re going to create or design our cannabis program around what will be allowed to do,” Rizk explained. “We are a hotel first and will be able to design our program around the new format in the future. For some reason, if the laws didn’t work for this, we would still have this great fun boutique hotel in the heart of Las Vegas.”

The cost of renovations to the Artisan is expected to cost $3 million. The owners hope to complete the project by the fall.

“Using cannabis when we are able to in the state is just a bonus, it is part of the experience,” DiFerdinando added.

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