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On a conference call with American Ramp Company, which designs and builds the upcoming new skate park on First Street across from Thompson Tire, it was learned that the skate park would span 93 by 99 feet of land, 5 feet that the city has already laid concrete for. American Ramp Company designed not only the layout of the skate park, but also the individual parts.

With current designs, the skate park consists of 34 parts, including quarter pipes, ramps, grind rails, wedges and an “old school bench”. The materials used for this skate park are the same that pro skater Tony Hawk used according to the American Ramp Company. The layout provides “a good fundamental foundation,” the company said.

The park will arrange these elements in zones, the difficulty of which increases gradually. The layout of the park allows new runners to have a place to learn while providing older runners with opportunities for different combinations of ramps and holds. Many new skate parks are aimed at more experienced riders; however, the Pulaski skate park will appeal to a new generation of skaters.

NRV Boardshop owner Jacob Hodge said of the park: “Every city needs something for kids to do, and an amusement park like the skate park will keep these kids involved in sport rather than sport. the street. We must break the generational curses and invest in our youth, or our community will suffer. These children are our future. They are the next generation to help build this city. City business developer Brady Deal added, “Youth skateboarding in the city of Pulaski deserve a high quality park that will provide them with a safe, fun and memorable experience. Stay tuned, as the completion of this project next year is just the start of an effort to improve and expand the public recreational facilities that the Town of Pulaski offers to its residents.

The proposed price to the Town of Pulaski is $ 181,493.57. This includes equipping, shipping and installing the park. Funding for this project comes from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Located next to the old chemical factory, the skate park will also host a basketball court. The Town of Pulaski is now considering installing fencing and lighting for the area. The project is scheduled for spring 2022.



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