New bike day! Wilde bike brand launches with handmade gravel and mountain bike frames

The brainchild of industry veterans, new adventure bike brand Wilde Bicycle Co. manufactures frames right here in the USA.

This week, a new gravel specialist enters the expanding arena of adventure biking. Formed by cycling veterans Jeff Frane (formerly of All-City Bikes), Josh Klauck and Andy Tesch (both of Minneapolis’ Angry Catfish bike cafe), Wilde Bicycle Co. starts simple and tough.

The brand launches with two handmade steel builds: the Earth Ship gravel bike ($2,500 base) and the Yo-Jeffy! Hardtail mountain bike ($2,000 base). Both options incorporate an ENVE suspension fork front and center—ENVE’s Adventure Fork rounds out every Earth Ship, and ENVE’s classic Mountain Carbon Fork completes the Yo-Jeffy!.

Yo-Jeffy! Wilde Bicycle Co. hardtail mountain bike with RockShox suspension fork; (photo/Jared Bunk)

The starter lineup should provide buyers with a good idea of ​​everything Wilde Bike Co. is looking for: rugged performance, minimal maintenance, and flexibility (the Earth Ship targets gravel riders and cyclists also). The fact that ENVE stepped in to roll, rumble and prep the first adventure bike shows just how tightly knit the gravel bike community is.

But expansion into aluminum and titanium frames – also handmade – is on the way. The range of frame options offer specialized performance that doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. And the company is accepting customer orders right now, including special requests for its titanium Earth Ship ($3,900) and the titanium Yo-Jeffy! ($3,500).

Ship Land of Steel (photo/Jared Bunk)
Ship Land of Steel; (photo/Jared Bunk)

Wilde Bicycle Co. will use its founders’ experience and relationships with American cycling specialists to produce uniquely optimized and custom builds.

On the brand’s website, Frane explains, “Being locally produced allows us to iterate very quickly to keep up with the latest trends while supporting American workers and small businesses.” Our handcrafted bikes in the USA represent the cream of bike culture, the lightest and strongest tubes, the fanciest frame parts, the ability to customize. They really are the best money can buy.

For more information on Wilde’s Earthship, Yo-Jeffy!, and upcoming models, visit

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