MLB The Show 22: Gear Guide

There is no shortage of crafts to do in MLB The Show 22. Each position differs from person to person and should be reviewed regularly. Perks from archetypes can, and probably should, be swapped between games. But one thing that can be a consistent foundation is the player’s gear.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t upgrades to be made as players quickly accumulate a pile of heels. But once the best gear is in place, it can be a dependable piece that never needs revisiting in Road to the Show. This is a map that allows players to plan their gear hunt in MLB The Show 22.



  • Affected Attributes: Ability, Contact

The most important part of every at-bat is, as expected, the bat. Players who want a heavy dose of contact and power will be pleased to see that most bats give roughly the same amount of both.

Boxing gloves

  • Affected Attributes: Power, Contact, Batting Clutch, Plate Vision

After creating the best batting position, don’t let all the painstaking effort be undone by weaker equipment. Each set of batting gloves gives a bit of each attribute, so it’s up to the player to decide the balance between these four attributes.

field gloves

  • Affected Attributes: Fielding, Arm Strength, Arm Accuracy, K/9, H/9, BB/9, Stamina, Pitching Clutch

The Field Glove represents a serious opportunity for deep customization. Each has five attributes, two that boost pitch, two that boost pitch, and one more that can boost pitch or pitch. But every field and pitch attribute is decayed. Starting pitchers, relievers, infielders and outfielders will all wear different gloves depending on their priorities.


  • Attributes Affected: Speed, Flight, Base Run Aggressiveness, Reaction, K/9, H/9, BB/9, Stamina, Pitching Clutch

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Cleats have even more variance than batting gloves with their five attributes; two baserunning boosts, two pitching boosts and one more that boosts either baserunning or reaction. The right balance of these stats will be unique for each player and making these right choices can help the player enough to win the World Series.

Catcher mask

  • Affected Attributes: Blocking

The receiver’s equipment has only one attribute: block. Although all catcher masks are listed as diamond quality, one pick is a bit more diamond than the others and gives two extra blocks.

chest protector

  • Affected Attributes: Blocking

Just like the masks, all the breastplates are of the same quality, but one of the pieces gives an additional blocking point.


  • Affected Attributes: Blocking

Finally, in line with all other receiver equipment, the leg protectors are of the same quality. Look for a particular set that gives an extra point to the blocking attribute.

Elbow Guard

  • Affected Attributes: Discipline, Durability

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Each year, when players determine the best teams in the game, the trend is that the healthiest teams are those that have remained at the top for the year. Along with durability alone, elbow pads are as important as any other item.

Shin guard

  • Affected Attributes: Batting Clutch, Discipline, Durability

There are three total stats that shin guards can buff, but only two at a time. Silver options replace the stick clutch for durability. Generally speaking, especially if the player is in control of the batter, the batting clutch is the most valuable attribute.

wrist guard

  • Affected Attributes: Discipline, Durability

The wrist guard does exactly what the elbow guard does in varying amounts. The discipline is nice, but it’s the durability that allows players to participate in more games.

Compression sleeve

  • Affected Attributes: Durability, Arm Strength, Arm Accuracy

Each compression sleeve gives a boost to all three attributes. There isn’t a player on the court who can’t use arm strength or precision frequently, so even players who want to change positions regularly can take their trusty compression sleeve with them to the new location.

Bat handles

  • Affected Attributes: Power, Contact, Batting Clutch, Plate Vision

Bat handles empower all four attributes in varying amounts depending on the quality of the item. The only players who should pass on bat handles are pitchers who will never go to bat.


  • Affected Attributes: Plate Vision, Discipline, Arm Accuracy, Field, Reaction

With three field boosts and two strike boosts, the scopes make all the difference in the world. The player will automatically remove them during night games, but don’t worry, the extra attributes will still count.


  • Affected Attributes: Speed, Flight

Baseball players are a bunch of superstitious people. Even some of the most conservative players have a lucky pair of socks. It’s no mystery how “lucky” these socks are. Some players don’t plan on stealing bases, but the speed attribute will help most athletes, especially outfielders.


  • Affected Attributes: Potency, Contact, Batting Clutch, Plate Vision, Discipline, Bunting, Drag Bunting, Durability, Fielding, Arm Accuracy, Arm Strength, Reaction, Speed, Stealing, K/9, H/9, BB/9, Endurance, Pitch clutch

Rituals can do anything. It’s a real buffet where players can choose their favorite attribute and stack it. Many players with the best gear may look very similar when it comes to most pieces of gear, but favorite rituals are all over the map. Strikeout artists, sluggers, and speed demons will all have a different favorite ritual.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5, 2022 and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

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