Konami would seek to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania

A new report suggests video game publisher Konami may revert to some of its most iconic franchises, including Castlevania and Metal Gear.

A recent report indicates that longtime video game publisher Konami may be relaunching some of its most beloved IPs after a years-long hiatus in dedicated development.

The report goes through Video games chronicle, speaking to an anonymous post source. A recent restructuring within Konami’s game development division has apparently resulted in a new commitment to some of the publisher’s most iconic brands and franchises. The series mentioned include Castlevania, Solid metal gear and Silent Hill.

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According to the source, Konami is already internally developing what it describes as a “reimagining” of the Castlevania series. Nothing else is known about the project, but it is suspected that several local external studios are providing development support.

A remake of the beloved and critically adored Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is also reported to be very early in production. While that may be enough to get most fans excited, the source also clarifies that Konami is working on remasters of several more. Solid metal gear games for modern platforms. There is currently no word on who is developing these updated versions or when they can be released.

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Still, the title most fans will be looking for is silent Hill, the influential horror series that is said to have been returning for several years now. Video Game Chronicle source states there are “several” silent Hill games in development at a range of external Japanese studios.

Konami is expected to unveil some of these projects in 2022, provided development schedules are not disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If the report turns out to be correct, Konami fans have much to be excited about. The last entry in the Metal gear the franchise was Metal Gear Survive in 2018, a disappointing spin-off that received criticism from fans and critics alike. Castlevania: Dark Lords 2 is the most recent original entry to the franchise, released in 2014, while several older games have been released as part of the Castlevania anniversary collection and Castlevania Advanced Collection.

As for silent Hill, the series has been on hiatus since the beloved and TP (or playable teaser), a brief horror experience used to announce the cancellation of Hideo Kojima Silent hills Game. Rumors of the franchise’s return have been swirling for months now, following reports that Konami is teaming up with prominent horror developer Bloober Team to resurrect the influential and beloved series. The Bloober team has since confirmed that they are not currently working on anything to do with silent Hill.

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Source: VGC

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