Ice hockey venue undergoes final “health check” on electrical equipment

In the main electrical distribution room of the Wukesong Sports Center, the electrical safety team carried out a final “health check” on the electrical equipment. It is the first Olympic Winter Games venue to have performed a verification of its electrical equipment systems for the Games.

The audit consisted of evaluating the functional modules in each grid. Power switches and cords, the “blood vessels” of the power system must be in good condition to ensure that the equipment operates smoothly throughout the Games.

Zhang Zhende, Head of Food at Wukesong Sports Center, said, “This is the final and most in-depth check before the trial competition. It is the first site in Beijing to perform a comprehensive physical examination of electrical installations, ensuring testing. and competitions later. ”

The team has been checking their systems since September. Safeguard plans are in place.

Wang Ting, deputy director of food at Wukesong Sports Center, said, “We call it ‘zero flicker’. How do you get there? First, we must ensure the reliability of the power supply. Second, we have the ATS device which is double automatic power transfer switch, realizing zero second switching.At the same time, we have UPS device, which is uninterruptible power supply device, ensuring that the lighting of the game , audio and video are uninterrupted.

With a capacity of 18,000 spectators, the Wukesong Sports Center is the main indoor venue for ice hockey at the 2022 Winter Games. During the test competition in November, the electric charge can reach over 4,000 kilowatts, that’s about four times the daily electrical load, and the health check takes the form of a final sprint towards final preparation.

With just over a hundred days to go before the opening ceremony, Beijing is entering the home stretch of preparations, and the “health check” on electrical equipment should help keep things running smoothly and host an Olympic Games. winter in complete safety.

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