Hyundai makes an all-new system that helps cars move sideways and turn in place

Hyundai Mobis, the parts and service arm of the South Korean automaker, has announced that it has successfully developed an electronic angle module that enables in-place turns, crab driving and automatic parallel parking. This new module combines the steering, braking, suspension and driving systems in a single wheel.

First unveiled in 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show, the e-corner concept integrates a motor, electronic damper control, Brake by Wire and Steer by Wire in a package that can be installed in each wheel of the vehicle. . This eliminates the need for a traditional chassis and mid-engine, giving electric vehicles four-wheel drive capabilities.

Since its introduction, the module has been redesigned and refined for practical applications. Hyundai Mobis has also developed a Electronic control unit (ECU) for control and has completed functional testing of its new system.

The most notable aspect of the e-corner module is that it does not require any mechanical connection between the rooms. This not only makes it easier to change the wheelbase, but also offers a lot more flexibility in the design of the door direction and the size of the vehicle.

But Hyundai Mobis is not alone in experimenting with next-generation steering systems. General Motors has already announced a four-wheel steering system that will allow the GMC Hummer VE move diagonally in a straight line.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk also confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck also gets rear wheel steering, “So he can make tight turns and maneuver with great agility.”

However, compared to the traditional 30 degree rotation, Hyundai’s new electronic angle module has been improved. It now allows 90-degree wheel rotation which will facilitate parallel parking, as well as lateral driving and cornering in place without moving forward or backward.

Hyundai Mobis intends to create a skateboard-like base by 2023, which will include four e-corner modules. Once the platform is complete, the company will combine it with autonomous driving control technology to deliver a specially designed vehicle mobility (PVB) solution in 2025.

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