Halo Infinite: Top 5 Gear

There are the 5 best gears in Halo Infinite and if used correctly these can give you a huge advantage in Arenas and Battlegrounds. There are familiar abilities like the Thruster from Halo 5: Guardians, as well as new ones like the Clawshot and Repulsor. In multiplayer you can collect them, but inside the campaign you can use them to permanently upgrade Master Chief’s gear. Find out how Halo Infinite gear items work in multiplayer.

Here are our top 5 picks from Halo Infinite Equipment items:

Halo Infinite: Drop Wall

Halo Infinite: Top 5 Gear

The “Drop Wall” is indeed a one-way barricade that you can use for concealment. Because it’s one-way, you can shoot through it from behind but not from the front. The shield is made up of 15 panels, each of which can be broken by three bullets from an assault rifle. It can also deflect grenades, so if you’re quick enough, you can use it to deflect a few. Because it is not solid, players and vehicles can pass through it. After 10 seconds, a Drop Wall will self-destruct.

Halo Infinite: Threat Sensor

Halo Infinite: Top 5 Gear

“Threat Sensor” is a sticky grenade-like device that can expose the positions of surrounding opponents. Opponents within range are highlighted in red, even through solid objects like walls and cover, when the sensor sticks to a surface (or another player). You have six seconds to examine your enemies and make your move or respond to their impending assault. Warning: Threat Sensor does not counter active camouflage at all!

Halo Infinite: Thruster

It gives you two charges for a single booster pack that lets you do a quick side dash. A quick run to the back as well as to the side can give you extra cover or deflect your opponent’s goal. You can also use the thruster to reduce the distance between you and an attacker or to jump higher in 4v4 arena maps.

Halo Infinite: Active Camo aka Camouflage

Halo Infinite: Top 5 Gear

Active Camo has been in previous Halo games, but it’s supercharged in Halo Infinite. This electrical equipment makes you nearly invisible for 30 seconds after activation. During your journey, only small ripples will reveal your presence. When you shoot, melee, throw a grenade, or sprint, you lose your invisibility. To make matters worse for your rivals, you are undetectable and therefore cannot be seen by motion trackers or threat sensors, leaving only your enemies’ keen eyes to detect you.

Halo Infinite: Overshield

In Halo Infinite, the Overshield is indeed a traditional Halo power-up. This Power Equipment product adds a temporary shield to your health bar. It takes about 40 seconds for the Overshield to completely deactivate. Once you activate the Overshield, your health bar will turn yellow, but it will decrease as the shield wears off. Other than that, it’s a shield that makes you almost twice as hard to kill.

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