Hakosan Design’s Super Off-Road Challenge concept is an electric Porsche Rally Racer

There are artists who can create realistic images with nothing but their skills, tools, paint, and a blank canvas. Meanwhile, modern technology is now unleashing the abilities of automotive designers as they move their work from 2D to 3D. Take a look at this Super Off-Road Challenge concept from Hakosan Design. It looks realistic enough to drive!

This beautiful machine counts on a Porsche 993 as donor, which then receives a multitude of improvements. As you can already tell from the name and presentation, this bad boy is ready for the long haul. Even when stationary, Spanish studio Luis González manages to make it look dynamic.

Many point out that the Super Off-Road Challenge Concept is inspired by the All-Terrain Competition study by Richard Tuthill and Singer Vehicle Design. The aesthetics and capabilities of the latter also came from Porsche’s 959 rally racer that conquered the Dakar Rally.

However, the work of Hakosan Design is more than just a rugged appearance. According to the artist, the Super Off-Road Challenge Concept ditches its traditional powertrain for a more durable setup. The 911 now features a 1,000 horsepower all-electric system sourced from an Extreme E race car.

Notable design changes include an LED light bar assembly and hood vents. Hakosan Design also flares the fenders more and installs larger wheels with off-road tires. Since the combustion engine is no longer there, the rear compartment has been refitted to hold a spare wheel and a bulky tire.

Meanwhile, the interior has been revamped to give the Super Off-Road Challenge Concept a futuristic appeal. There is a new steering wheel and a digital instrument display. Another screen faces the co-pilot while another screen sits in the center just below the dashboard.

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Rear super off-road challenge concept Super Off-Road Challenge Concept Fin Hood Super Off-Road Challenge Concept Super Off-Road Challenge Concept Spare Tire

Images courtesy of Hakosan Design

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