Founder of Local Clothing Brand Expands Global Business from LI to CA

MT. SINAI, NY — When Alec Simione was growing up on Mount Sinai, he used to sit with his friends, all of his fellow skateboarders, and dreamed of starting skateboard businesses. In fourth grade, they created fictitious websites with their own names, logos, and designs. Today, 17 years later, Simione’s life looks a lot like those childhood dreams.

His line of streetwear and skatewear Critic Clothing has been sold in streetwear stores in New York and California. He ships his unique unisex products worldwide.

Simione tells Patch that he started selling shirts in the trunk of his car at the Inline 1 skate park in Mount Sinai in 2013, and he’s amazed at how his brand has grown.

“It’s definitely a humbling experience, especially sending shirts to countries I’ve never heard of or countries I’ve dreamed of visiting. It’s like a part of me is all over the place. in the world.”

He said visiting the now closed Inline 1 skate park at Mount Sinai when he was young was a “huge influence.”

“It was great having a place where I could share my love for skateboarding and art with others… a young age was exciting.”

Simione’s products have been in several stores, but he says he’s most proud to have a section in his alma mater Stony Brook University’s bookstore. An e-commerce model is working for now, he says, but a physical store is on his list of long-term goals.

He’s since moved to Los Angeles and says living near the storefronts of big streetwear brands is inspiring, but he says, “Before I can consider opening there, I should open a store on Long Island. “

“It is important to remember where you are from and to try to inspire the next generation of children in your community.”

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