Drake’s OVO brand launches Disney hoodies, jerseys and t-shirts

Drake launches an October’s Very Own (OVO) collection as wacky as he is. The rapper’s brand has teamed up with Disney to create a capsule featuring classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and, of course, Goofy – ensuring everyone from hypebeasts to Drake’s son Adonis can enjoy pieces.

The playful collection is a far cry from OVO’s last, which focused on the 1983 film scarface. A dark red and black palette, alongside graphics of Tony Montana smoking a cigar, took over from loungewear for a capsule as gangster as its influence. the scarface collection, as well as a previous collaboration with jurassic parkseems to imply that OVO hopes to give its clothes a cinematic effect – something the brand has confirmed with its latest capsule.

Still, the Disney collection has OVO fans scratching their heads: “You do whatever you want at this point,” reads a comment under the brand’s Instagram teaser. “It’s fire but it doesn’t fit OVO’s identity so I’ll pass,” read another. It’s easy to see Drake wearing the capsule – especially since his son has made him a “family man” – but the rapper’s followers don’t seem to want to represent Mickey Mouse among their closets filled with Supreme, Off-White and Yeezy. That said, those with interests at the intersection of OVO and Disney should be able to get whatever they want from this collection.

Drake’s Clubhouse — Mickey Mouse is the star of the capsule, appearing on the majority of luxury gold coins. Graphic tees, crewnecks and hoodies all feature the famous rodent, while select sweatshirts feature playful chenille embroidery that spells out “October’s Very Own” in a Disney-esque font. Accessories like a baseball cap and lunch box display similar branding alongside OVO’s signature owl motif.

Paying homage to Drake’s love of hockey, the collection also includes Sherwood hockey jerseys, a hockey-themed crewneck and a set of hockey-themed pins. The crew neck, which comes in blue, features a red and black graphic of Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy in hockey gear next to text that reads “Dream Team”. Mickey also appears on a red hockey jersey, with bold white OVO branding completing the look.

The complete capsule will be available in OVO stores and on the brand’s website on February 25. According to early reactions from hypebeast, you shouldn’t have to worry about selling coins – though it’s worth noting that collecting is the most hyped way to represent the happiest place on earth.

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