Craftopia: patch v20211223.1239 fixes Gacha Balls equipment and materials

Craftopia received a new patch last week that fixed a ton of bugs, especially one related to Gacha Balls equipment and materials.

Patch v20211223.1239 also fixed the issue where some modules, like the Wall Display Panel, were rotated 180 degrees by default.

December 15 update added a lot of new stuff to the game. This included 14 additional body colors that you can use to customize your characters.

That said, there was this issue where you couldn’t move properly while wearing Hakama series gear after applying one of the newly added colors. Just update your game to the latest version to get it fixed.

A few changes have been made to the Slip and Trip trial. First of all, it is now called “Shooting Trial: Slipping”. Secondly, the bug that the time limit of this game mode was surprisingly shorter in high level islands is fixed. Finally, the issue where the timer wouldn’t stop when you’ve already completed the trial is now fixed.

Fix Highlights


  • Fixed the bug related to “Gacha Ball Equipment” and “Gacha Ball Material”

  • Fixed the bug where the gear position on your right hand was incorrectly positioned when equipped with Hakama series armor

  • Fixed the bug where letters on Billboard were not displayed in the input UI when accessing Billboard

  • Fixed the bug where the hitbox for retrieving “Short Stone Pillar” was incorrectly positioned when using Retrieving Rod

  • Fixed the bug that displayed random visual effects when using the skill “Vorpal Dance”

  • Reduced the bug that caused a player to get stuck under certain circumstances and fixed the bug that caused you to be able to climb cliffs that were too steep

  • Fixed the bug that caused a player character to move back slightly when you start walking while crouching

  • Fixed the bug where the BGM boss was not played when you were close to “Worm”

  • Fixed the bug that prevented pushing a snowball easily

  • Fixed the bug where the visual effect of the skill “Leaping Strike” did not end when you canceled the skill or were interrupted

  • Fixed the bug that keyboard inputs affected vehicle control when driving on a vehicle

  • Fixed the bug that prevented using the items and skills saved on hotkeys when using the drone for shooting

Craftopia Patch v20211223.1239 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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