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Software Consulting

(TechCrunch+) Using Data-Driven Techniques to Beat the Big Quit: Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, Director of People Analytics at Workhuman, wrote about how the pandemic has caused many workers to consider change jobs. More than half of people in a survey who hope to stay in their current job said “it’s because they like their company and/or their colleagues,” she wrote.

Two suggestions: Recurring weekly video calls where managers check in help remote employees feel more connected. Additionally, Martin recommends using “data-driven automation and analytics” to capture employee sentiment. “The best tools will also provide actionable insights that HR and managers can use to boost employee engagement.”

(TechCrunch+) Conversational UX: The missing piece in your chatbot strategy: Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and co-founder of, discussed the shortcomings of chatbots and how companies can implement best practices that improve the customer experience. “With each new interface, the goal is to improve human-computer interactions and provide a more intuitive experience for the user,” Ravinutala wrote.

“Conversational UX presents a greater challenge because of the nuances involved in human language. It requires careful thought, empathy for the user, and significant design considerations to carefully create elegant experiences.

(TechCrunch+) Apple’s App Store Connect will be open this Christmas: can developers take advantage of it? : Breaking with tradition, Apple’s App Store Connect remains open to review app updates and new submissions. “On the surface, this looks like a complete win for app developers and their customers, but one expert we spoke to warned that some developers could face unintended consequences if they don’t adapt to recent changes” , wrote Anna Heim.

To find out how app companies can benefit, she interviewed Georgina Lupu Florian, CEO of Wolfpack Digital, Jamie Shostak, founder of Appetiser, and Yasser Bashir, co-founder of software development company Arbisoft.

Consultant: digital wolf pack
Recommended by: Anonymous
Testimony: “We chose to work with them because of their great communication, and they were recommended to us. They helped us launch on time, create an engaging design, and helped us scale.”

Growth Marketing

Jamie Viggiano, Chief Marketing Officer at Fuel Capital, wrote a four-part series for TechCrunch+ that explains how early-stage startups should start building their brands:

Part 1: (TechCrunch+) Start building your brand book with a vision workshop

Part 2: (TechCrunch+) Creating Target Customer Personas to Develop Successful Growth Strategies

Part 3: (TechCrunch+) Empower your brand with a positioning statement

Part 4: (TechCrunch+) 2 exercises that will bring your branding to life

(TechCrunch+) Demand Curve: How Ahrefs’ Landing Page Drives Prospects to Buy: Landing pages with high conversion rates have one thing in common: they make it easier for a customer to buy. “People have a short attention span, so if your homepage is confusing, they’re going to leave,” writes Demand Curve Community Manager Joey Noble in his latest TechCrunch+ article. In a detailed analysis of the homepage of SEO agency Ahrefs, Noble explains how the site captures the reader’s attention, reduces friction and increases desire.

(TechCrunch) Demand Curve: Avoid these 10 copywriting mistakes to get more conversions: Joyce Chou, Senior Content Manager at Demand Curve, shared 10 common copywriting mistakes and, most importantly, how to avoid making them. Along with important basics like avoiding passive voice, Chou shows how to build titles and showcase social proof that gives customers more confidence to trust you with their business.

(TechCrunch+) 10 Growth Marketing Experts Share Their 2022 Predictions and New Year’s Resolutions: I reached out to the marketers we met through our Expert Program and asked them to share predictions for the New Year and reflect on some of the trends we’ve seen. The responses and advice we received were as varied as the people we interviewed, but almost all indicated that learning – for example, training in analytics, getting to grips with AI tools, etc – was at the top of their to-do list.

Commercial: Brent Payne, strong interactive SEO
Recommended by: Brad Schnitzer, Techstars Chicago
Testimony: “He’s the best SEO in the Midwest. He led SEO for Tribune and has now used those skills to help early career founders achieve the same success. He honestly changed the trajectory of so many of the ~42 startups I’ve invested in at Techstars Chicago over the past four years.

Commercial: six spokes
Recommended by: Anonymous
Testimony: “We worked with them because of their client portfolio, past experience, and data-driven results. They helped us to create a differentiated positioning, to stimulate our awareness and our demand generation measures. »

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